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Thrones at the Emmys

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2 hours ago, Risto said:

With awards, it is all about buzz. It is all about narrative.


2 hours ago, Risto said:

The fact that Thrones is the most popular and is winning has a lot to do with rule changes.

These two statements are hard to reconcile with each other.  I suppose there is a distinction between "buzz" and "popularity," but how those differences are relevant here and why the rule changes are a potential causal factor for such differences are entirely unclear.

2 hours ago, Risto said:

I mean, how do you expect someone to properly vote for the episode if they haven't seen it? The blue ribbon are also susceptible to the buzz factor, but I think what we now get are generic choices made by uninformed opinions. 

Well, another assumption here is academy voters will have uninformed opinions if not forced to watch the episode.  My own assumption is academy voters, on average, are going to be more attuned than the average person - or even the average viewer of the emmys.  Perhaps I'm wrong on that - it's not like I've studied Academy membership - but I think you're vastly overestimating the "added value" of having to watch a single episode for most Academy members, while I admittedly may be underestimating it.

This is on top of my primary aforementioned argument - I think most Academy voters, "blue ribbon" or not, informed or not - have their mind made up before being forced to watch the episodes, and said viewing is not going to change that.

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