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South Park: Member Season 20? [SPOILERS]

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32 minutes ago, drawkcabi said:

The virtual reality episode "Grounded Vindaloop" is one of my absolute favorites. Then there's the Black Friday/Game of Thrones trilogy which was awesome. And as the pixelated penguin pointed out, I loved the introduction of the member berries, the scene where they sing Toto's "Africa" one of my favorite individual moments.

Ok, you made me look it up.  I had forgotten it completely:

 'Member life before youtube?

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1 hour ago, DMC said:

Oh, good call, that one was great.  Didn't recognize it skimming titles.  Thought the Black Friday trilogy was very underwhelming, and while I enjoyed the concept of the member berries there was no one episode they were in that was that good.  I mean, Garrison as Trump is also a great concept (comedically), but I'd be fine if that never existed either. 

Like you said though, that woulda been the perfect moment to sign off.  I liked how in the latest episode the boys said something like "man everything's getting canceled but we can't even do that.  Are we supposed to just keep making asses out of ourselves?"  And yep, "You're Getting Older" was clearly the point where Trey said I'm just a cynical asshole now and don't give a shit.  

Agree about the member berries and really no one episode where they were good. I just love them in moments they recurred in that season. I loved their concept, that nostalgia is a strong emotion, almost addictive, and it's nice to reminisce about the past and get sentimental about happy memories but you can't go Glenn Beck and think just because that Mean Joe Green Coke commercial (member?) happened during a time when your own life was warm and fuzzy it means the past as a whole is better and something we should want to return to because it certainly doesn't mean that and there's some really messed up shit that went on in the past. 

There was such a great out with Garrison as Trump, I can't believe Parker and Stone missed it. 

It is discovered that the Mr. Hat personality is still residing within Mr. Garrison. You know, the personality that was part of the KKK? The Mr. Hat puppet returns only instead of a hat he's now got a big comb over and his name is Mr. Hair. Garrison purges the personality from him once and for all and gets to go back to South Park and resume his life there like Parker and Stone wanted him to before the election. Once in a while when there's an episode that needs a scene to show the President, they cut to the White House and show Mr. Hair saying whatever outrageous thing he's saying that day, only now instead of being a puppet on Mr. Garrison's hand, he's always shown on Putin's hand.

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