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Ashes Of Westeros

Daniel Redcliffe wants to be part of GOT. Whom would he play?

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25 minutes ago, Robert Baratheon's hammer said:

He'd be part of Ramsey's 20 good men who are currently at Moat Cailin.

yesss! He would be Ser Twenty of House Goodmen himself. I love this. 

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On 26 settembre 2016 at 1:30 PM, Ashes Of Westeros said:

Recently Daniel Radcliffe told in an intrview that he would love to join GOT and be killed off.


Though he's apparently isn't going to join the show anytime soon, it sounds cool. Whom could DR play in GOT/ASOIAF? Any ideas?

Young Griff (f)Aegon, if he was in the show, Edric Storm.

I love Alfie Allen but had he been not available, Theon Greyjoy. Or maybe even Pod.

Watching the HP series I wasn't sure about his acting skills (well at the beginning he was a kid) but I truly loved him in that mini series with John Hamm about the doctor in Russia and he does make a lot of theatrical work, he's good.

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