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Iwan Rheon as Jon Snow?

Land's End

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So I  haven’t watched the show yet. I tried two episodes yesterday but had to stop in the middle of the second because Kit Harington has the most punchable face ever (and Robb and Theon look like twins).

Ironically I stumbled across an article according to which Iwan Rheon (Ramsay Bolton) auditioned for the role of Jon Snow. Since Rheon is one of my favorite series actors I wonder if GoT would have been more watchable for me if he’d gotten the role. Another reason I don’t want to watch GoT is Rheon portraying Ramsay though I’m sure he did a great job. So yeah, no GoT for me.


Would you prefer Iwan Rheon as Jon Snow?
Do you think Kit Harington’s portray of Jon Snow might have lead to the huge amount of fangirls as well as the „haters“ for this character?

I personally think neither actor would be a good choice. I always imagined Jon Snow as some sort of plain, long-faced dude. Mini-Ned-Stark. But I'd still prefer Rheon because at least I wouldn't want to hit something every time he appears on screen. 

(I’m aware, this is all completely subjective and absolutely superficial. Kit Harington might be the greatest actor in the world, I can't tell because his face makes me irrationally angry. Also, I’m not only dropping the show just because I hate Kit Harington’s mug but because everything else wasn’t very convincing either… this was just the last straw)


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I watched the show before I read the books, so my perception of how this or that character should look like is influenced by GoT. I admit it.

Iwan Rheon has much artistic potential. As Ramsay he could work totally innocent at one moment and brutal and cruel at another. 

For me Jon is a guy who can't play games and kind of anxious. So I think Kit H was fine, the only problem with him is his default broody face expression, which never changes. Somebody forgot to tell Kit that acting is about portraying emotions.

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