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Do you like Melisandre?

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I hated her on the show. But it is too early for me to shape an opinion of her in the books. There's the dreaded AFOC and ADOD to be read.

There's one thing, though: when she explained the prince who promised/ the lord's chosen to Davos in the prison, she obviously described Daenerys, doesn't she know about the newborn dragons? I thought hers is a well organized religion with a lot of missionaries on the every part  world.

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On 10/17/2016 at 2:00 PM, Nitisha said:

She convinced Stannis not to align with Robb Stark.

Had this happened it would have turned the tables for the Lannisters. How can Stannis trust her and her fires after what happened in the black water bay. (Her fires showed victory)

No, she did not. Stannis was never going to be allies with Robb Stark, because in his view, Robb was a traitor who was trying to take half of his kingdom.

Melisandre had nothing to do with that. There's no reason to think she had any feelings on Robb either way. 

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