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Boarders Writing a Novel Part 15

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Just seen the cover of Resurrection Men, and it's looking good :)

RPBL's very helpful readthrough and feedback from 2016 seems to have caught most of the remainibg errors, as the editing went quickly with minimal changes. I'm about to get it back from the proofreader, a fresh pair of eyes to catch anything myself or the editor missed. So fingers crossed should be out as an ebook soon, followed few months later in print.

I'm still trying to find a publisher for my fantasy novel Thorns of Black Rose, set in a north Africa based setting.  If anyone is interested in reading it and offering any feedback, I'd be very grateful. It's 75k words, and if requested can be sent in a single spaced version that can be easily uploaded to kindle.

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Working on the third draft of my urban fantasy (tweenish? For around age 10 or higher) novel 'Balorrate'. A kind of fantasy mirror of the real world rather than the real world + supernatural elements. Ie the city of Ballarat but in a fantasy frame. Which is an Australian rural city so that might be a bit obscure here - maybe I should have written a fantasy mirror version of Melbourne, since that's a little tiny bit more on the radar. By mirror an example of what I mean is instead of having cars, what fills the street are spectral horses pulling carts, their essence drawn from the great equine wells and carted across the landscape to fuel the commerce these long dead horses now empower. A fantasy echo of the real world rather than the real world with supernatural added in.

The story is of a boy whose parents are abducted by the titular Balor, and he must find out where they have been taken and against all odds, rescue them!

Edited by Callan S.

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