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Who dies?


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I watch the show and read the books so as much as I want to participate in this thread I wanted to state that and then becareful what I type. So bewarned (I promise no spoilers) but I will deliberately exclude some people:

* Young Griff - Obviously not in the show and to be honest I've gone back and forth on him for a while but if we assume ADOS will be the last book then I am starting to believe he will die in Winds, introducing him in ADWD then him dying in the next book does seem odd though and I'm guessing he's a plot device for something larger but what?  Potentially he falls to the Lannisters or Dany (assuming she invates mid-book and not towards the end).

* Mycella/Tommen - I believe in the prophecy, Cersei will see all her kids die before she does so that means they both go out. Mycella I assume has something to do with Dorne, Tommen I have no idea.

* Stannis - pretty convinced the pink letter is probably true.

* Victorian - I suspect he will align with Dany but later die when she invades.

* Barristan - dies in the battle for Meereen or invading Westeros.

* Dolores Edd - when the wall falls Edd's a goner I'm afraid.

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IIRC George said something along the lines of TWoW not being a happy book so:

Tommen: bitten by a Sand snake

Myrcella: same

Victarion: Moqorro is playing him like a fiddle

Theon: he's ready for it and I think lot's of good could come of it.

Jeyne Westerling: Jaime doubled the guard and has his archers poised it's gonna get messy.

Edmure: same as Jeyne.

JonCon: Taking KL

Aeron: sacrifice to destroy the Redwyne fleet.

Balon Swann: HotahCamera's got his lens on you!

Mace: Aegon gets his exp up.

LSH: I think Jaime's tail is otw.

Jaime: but not in time.

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My list is much less comprehensive & much less thought out than others:

Starks: Lady Stoneheart (it is a happy death, however, she learns one (or more) of her kids are alive).

Lannisters: Mycella, Tommen, Cersei (KL falls)

Greyjoys: Aeron, Victarion, Euron

Baratheons: Seylese, Shireen (hope not, re-write?)

Tyrell's: Margaery

Targaryens: Aegon (+ JonCon)

Arryns: SweetRobin

Martel's: Doran + at least two Sand Snakes

Bolton's: Roose & Ramsay



I think Stannis, the Lady of Tarth, Barristan, & Theon all survive this one.

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My list:

 - Barristan, early, in the battle for Meereen. Either Victarion or a dragon. (The Ironborn are not on the side of the residents, they're just attacking the slaver armies because the slavers are the first troops they come up against. Barristan won't be friendly with Victarion, and Victarion won't be pleased to find Daenerys gone. He's there to smash and grab, and Barristan will want to stop him doing either.)

 - Doran, either because Arianne and the Sand Snakes lose patience with him, or of natural causes with the whole of the Dornish plot beginning to unravel after his death.

 - Victarion, at the hand of Euron, when he gets back to Westeros with the dragon that he thinks is his own after having the horn blown.

 - Mors Crowfood Umber, caught by the Frey army outside Winterfell when luck runs out on his guerilla tactics. He and the few oldies officially on his side make a Famous Last Stand to give their grandkids a chance to get away and escape to Last Hearth.

 - The Frey army, defeated by Stannis and the turncoat Manderly army who come in on Stannis's side, led by Wylis.

 - Wyman Manderly, by his own hand, in Winterfell, thus robbing the Boltons of their hostage against Wylis's defection, by prior arrangement with Wylis.

 - An impostor who successfully deceives Ramsay (in disguise in the army camp, hidden among the defecting Manderly soldiers) into believing he is the real Stannis. Ramsay escapes with the sword, and with the assistance of "The Karstarks" - actually Stannis's own northern allies in Karstark cloaks.

 - Roose, murdered by Ramsay thinking that he is now master of the North, and having written the Pink Letter. In a minor act of rebellion against him, the Bolton maester has managed to steal and hide the Official Seal of House Bolton, so Ramsay can only seal his letter with the pink wax.

 - Most of Bolton's supporters in Winterfell, when the real Stannis comes calling after having successfully duped Ramsay into assassinating an impostor. The men who have helped Ramsay return to Winterfell will open the gates to the invaders, Hother Umber is among many that will switch sides. Ramsay escapes.

 - Tommen. Not sure how, but at some point Myrcella will be crowned, either by Cersei as Tommen's replacement, or by one of the Dornish factions (perhaps Trystane is fomenting plots of his own?) against the Tommen/Margaery marriage. Both of the Lannister children must be crowned and both must die, Cersei will outlive the lot.

 - Many of Cersei's supporters in King's Landing when Fake Aegon comes calling with a cheering army of pro-Targaryen supporters. Cersei herself survives to flee.

 - Littlefinger, when Sansa turns against him. Possibly by using her marriage to Tyrion as an excuse to refuse the marriage to Harry Hardyng. The whole gambit of "this marriage wasn't real because it wasn't consummated" has been played too often to be a useful twist: Sansa is known to still have a decent opinion of Tyrion: I wouldn't put it past her to reverse the gambit and say that the Tyrion marriage was a real one. And then expose Littlefinger's crimes.

 - A whole host of Dothraki horselords and the crones of Vaes Dothrak when Dany seizes power, takes control of the horde and makes for Meereen.

 - A whole host of Dothraki, most of the population of Meereen, most of Yunkai, most of the sellswords, and indeed most of the population of Slaver's Bay, in in-fighting over food supplies, or of the Bloody Flux plague as all armies are devastated by famine and plague, with nowhere to go either by land (since the Dothraki have picked the lands clean on the way in) or sea (since the Yunkish / Ghiscari fleet is sunk by the ironborn, the ironborn are fled, the Volantene armada smashed up by Victarion and his dragon on the way out of Meereen, nothing left but shattered half-sunken hulks and none of the expertise needed to raise and repair them, nor the wood to build new ships even if anyone knew how.) When Dany leaves alone on Drogon to pursue the ironborn and her stolen dragon, it's not clear whether she's pursuing her dragon or fleeing the destruction she has left behind and brought to everyone that supported her. Tyrion will limp along after with the injured Viserion as best he can - that is *his* only way out of there.

 - Fake Aegon, before Daenerys even arrives in Westeros, at the hands of the dragon that is actually Euron's. Foreshadowed by the cyvasse game with Tyrion: his "dragon"  was meant to be Daenerys, and was too far away to save him.

 - Most of King's Landing, when Euron's dragon breathes fire that hits the alchemists' wildfire caches. Cue for earth-shattering kaboom.

 - Walder Frey, killed by Arya Stark.

 - A lot of warriors at the Wall when it falls, either because Euron manages to get hold of, repair and blow the horn currently in Sam Tarly's possession which turns out to be the Horn of Winter, or due to dissension between wildlings and Watch. Jon's body and Stannis's family are all taken towards Winterfell.

 - And then, at the end of the book... The Sacrifice Scene, at Winterfell. Stannis tying his daughter to the pyre, Melisandre egging him on... But will it be Shireen that burns, or (as with the foreshadowing of Stannis's vision of the Burning King in the fire) will it be Stannis himself? Theon finally loses his head. Two kings die, one in fire, one in blood. Two kings to wake the dragon, fire and blood to wake the dragon - the Bastard Dragon, Jon Snow, returns from death, and unlike the "gone wrong" resurrections of Drogo, Beric and Catelyn, this one is true because the proper price, death for life, was paid...

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