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A tought on the TWOW prologue


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In ASOS, Cat II, while chewing out Edmure for Stone Mill, the Blackfish says, "The Lannister host was mainly foot.  We planned to run Lord Tywin a merry chase up and down the coast, then slip behind him to take up a strong defensive position athwart the gold road, at a place my scouts had found where the ground would have been greatly in our favor.  If he had come at us there, he would have paid a grievous price price."  

I think that place the Blackfish mentions might be where TWOW prologue takes place.   It sounds like a good spot for him (and whatever sympathetic forces he has with him) to ambush the Lannister force escorting Edmure and Jeyne Westerling (assuming that is something that happens during the prologue).    

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