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Jon's Queen Consort

ASOIAF Guessing Game version II AfU: Favorite historical male character: Top 5. Number 1

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Welcome ladies, gentlemen, chickens, bears, flowers, shadows and everything between to the second round of ASOIAF Guessing Game After forums' Update.



The results of the previous rounds are:

I: Most Loved Character: Arya Stark.

II: Most Hated Character: Ramsay Snow.

III: Sexiest Character: Jaime Lannister (male) / Arianne Martell (female).

IV: Most Badass Character: Asha Greyjoy.

V: Funniest Character: Dolorous Edd Tollet.

VI: Best Death: Ned Stark.

VII: Best Actor/Actress: Charles Dance as Tywin Lannister.

VIII: Character You Most Want to Survive: Arya Stark.

IX: Most Dangerous Character: Petyr 'Littlefinger' Baelish.

X: Favorite Minor Character: Sandor Clegane.

XI: Favorite Historic Character: Dunk.

XII: Favorite Dynamic Duo: Jaime & Brienne.

XIII: Favorite House Sigil: House Stark.

XIV: Most Tragic Character: Theon Greyjoy.

XV: Favourite Castles and Strongholds: Winterfell.

XVI: Favourite chapters: ASOS Catelyn VII The Red Wedding.

XVII: Who has the worst attitude in Planetos: unknown due to the update.

XVIII: Worst mistakes: unknown due to the update.

After forums' Update rounds;

I: Favorite historical female character: Nymeria of the Rhoyne warrior queen, Princess of the Rhoynar. Princess of Dorne



This round’s theme is Favorite historical male character. By historical I mean people that were dead before the tourney at Harrenhal. Therefore the choices can be even form the age of Heroes but they should been dead by 281 AL.



The rules:

  • The game will begin when you PM me your top 20 lists under the name; ASOIAF Guessing Game version II AfU- Your board game. You should sent your lists until 25.11. 00:00 EET.
  • The Favorite historical male character you rank 1 - your absolute favorite historical male character will be given 25 points. After that the favorite historical male character in the list get 19, 18, 17 points, so on that the character theory you put down as your no 20 gets 1 point.
  • In every round (excluding top 5) you'll be given a hint to identify the historical male character. You can either gamble on a historical male character to obtain 5 points for a correct guess, or you can give three choices in order - and for the correct one you'll be getting three, two or one points respectively. We expect each round to last about 48 hours. If there's a tie, you will need to guess all the tied historical male character at once, getting 5 points for each one guessed right.
  • We can discuss scores for final 5 once we get there. :)
  • You can join in the guessing anytime, doesn't matter if you sent the list on or not. And if you sent it, you don't have to guess if you don't want to, it's totally fine. If I forgot something, let me know, and if you have some objections, write it down here.


Top 25. 

1.  Duncan the Tall

2. Aegon V Targaryen

3.  Baelor Breakspear Targaryen

4. Brandon Bran the Builder Stark 5. Cregan Stark The Old Man of the North

6. Aemon Targaryen the Dragonknight

7.  Septon Barth

8.  Torrhen Stark

9.  Jaehaerys I Targaryen
10. Daeron II Targaryen

11. Aegon I Targaryen

12.  Ser Addam Velaryon

13.  Lann the Clever

14. Raymun Fossoway

15. Daemon Targaryen

16. Viserys II Targaryen

17. Brandon Snow

18.  Bael the Bard

19.   Ser Lyonel Baratheon 

20.  The Last Hero

21.  Harmund Hoare

22.  Benjicot  Blackwood

23.  Joramun 

24. Garth Greenhand  

25. Serwyn of the Mirror Shield 

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On 11/20/2016 at 11:14 AM, Julia H. said:

Can you remind me who counts as historical? Dead before Robert's Rebellion?


Dead before the tourney of Harrenhal.

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That will make it four - perhaps the host can make a list, too (if she hasn't already done so), and that would make five lists. 

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Could you wait for a day or two more? I need to go through WOIAF again. I've forgotten some characters names and details.

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13 hours ago, Annara Snow said:

Could you wait for a day or two more? I need to go through WOIAF again. I've forgotten some characters names and details.

Sure I was already thinking about moving the deadline.

Maybe next Monday?

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26 minutes ago, Raisin(g) Bran 2 Greenseer said:

does that make 5 lists?

Yes but I am on my phone and I have the results at my computer so I will start the game tomorrow evening. 

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21. Harmund  Hoare 15 points.
The third of his name Harmund was a King of the Iron Isles as the head of house Hoare. He wanted to change the Iron isles but the Iron Borns were not willing to change and they rebelled under the guidance of his own brother Hagon. Harmund was arrested and mutilated losing his eyes, nose and tongue. After house Lannister, the house of Queen dowager Harmund’s and Hagon’s mother Lelia, defeated Hagon and his men Harmund was given the gift of mercy.


22. Benjicot  Blackwood 14 points.

Also known as Bloody Ben Blackwood he was the head of house Blackwood and the Lord of Raventree Hall. When he was 11 years old he participated at the Dance of the Dragons he was one of the leaders of the Lads and he was able to beat Borros’ line in the battle. 

23. Joramun 12 points.

A legendary King beyond the Wall who had woken the giants from the earth by using his Horn of Winter. Along with King Brandon the Bracker from House Stark he had brought down the Night’s King.

24. Garth Greenhand 12 points.

A legendary hero who was a legendary King of the First Men and ruled from the Reach. He was famous for his fertility and he was the ancestor of many Houses like Houses Gardener, Oakheart, Redwyne, Florent, Ball, Peake, Hightower, Fossoway, Tarly, Bulwer, Crane, Beesbury and House Rowan. According to legends he was also ancestor of house Stark.

25. Serwyn of the Mirror Shield 11 points.

A legendary hero who was the main character of Westerosi songs. He was loved by the smallfolk and Princess Daeryssa who he saved from the giants. He was the first dragonslayer who killed a dragon named Urrax by using his shield as a mirror.

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Number 20; 

Oh my sweet summer child what do you know about heroes? Heroes are people who sacrifice themselves and their companions at a trip through the enemy’s lines as a desperate try to find the gods in order to help the humanity.

Someone could say that he is the Westerosi Tuor.


11.12, 00:00 EET.

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