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White Lion

Fun with Forums

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For Aryard Manwoody:

The Chieftains - Change your demeanour ( for his wits)


Here we are we've come to call with pipes and flutes and fiddles and all

In case of death we've even brought a keener,

So, if you're glum and feeling down just feel like us

And act the clown and soon there'll be a change in your demeanour.

I put me money on a horse today for with the race he'd run away

Or so a friend that's in the know he told me,

Twenty lengths ahead at most, he proundly cantered pass the post

but, woe was me, he lost the bloomin' jockey!

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Albyn Crane when speaking to the lower born

Pantera - Walk

Is there no standard anymore?

What it takes, who I am, where I've been


You can't be something you're not

Be yourself, by yourself

Stay away from me

A lesson learned in life

Known from the dawn of time

Re, Spect, walk, what did you say??

Re, Spect, walk, are you talking to me???

Are you talking to me??

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