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Heroes Return

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The royal fleet under command of Lord Alyn Velaryon has returned, and received a welcome befitting heroes following their victory—alongside Dornish allies, admittedly—against the Free City of Pentos on the Stepstones. The city waited ever since word reached King’s Landing that they had won their victory, and even more so when word came from Sunspear that Oakenfist and his ships had weighed anchor and begun the long journey back from Dorne to the city.

The king himself was there to await his cousin and the captains, lords, and knights of his fleet. Embracing, the septon-king then spoke a blessing over them all before they departed with a grand escort. Thousands of kingslanders lined the roads and ways up to Aegon’s High Hill, to cheer on Oakenfist and the heroes of the Stepstones.

The feast that followed in the Red Keep was a fine affair, though as always the king ate only bare morsels. He spent much of his time in conversation with Oakenfist and the High Septon, and eventually retired. When he did, the feast grow somewhat freer—rousing songs rather than hymns came from the singers, and Ser Garlan Hunter led a number of men in a sea-shanty to the delight of onlookers. The battles on sea and land were recounted to eager listeners, as the hours whiled away.

And in the morning? News from the Maidenvault: Princess Daena has once again absconded from the Maidenvault. The City Watch immediately began a search, while the Hand Prince Viserys commanded that the guard be doubled on the gates and that all who would leave the city must be closely inspected by men of his own guard who were familiar with the princess.

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