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Rogues in fantasy literature

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1 hour ago, Darth Richard II said:

Today I looked at my bookshelf and realize dI have like 20 fucking Drizzt books and I DONT KNOW WHY

I've read the Homeland trilogy (apparently the best of the bunch), and while there are some neat ideas in there, the execution (and especially the prose) is rubbish. I do intend to read Icewind Dale at some point, not because I've got any great expectations of quality, but because of its role in the development of the genre (and I'll be reading it via library, so I won't be spending money).

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On 26/03/2017 at 2:53 PM, PetrusOctavianus said:

The Satampra Zeiros stories (alas, only two), by Clark Ashton Smith. The Tale of Satampra Zeiros is brilliant.

Excellent suggestion.

Another old-school candidate would be Lord Dunsany's stories. The likes of How Nuth Would Have Practiced His Art Upon the Gnoles definitely qualifies.

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Kane the Mystic Swordsman saga by Karl Edward Wagner . Kane is an immortal  heroic villain/antihero. Not a nice guy at all.  With him, power is everything.  There are in all 5 book in this series.B)


2. Darkness Weaves 

3. Dark Crusade 

4. Death Angels Shadow 

5. Nightwinds 



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