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Dating: to play the part of the one who doesn't wait

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That sounds great, SpaceChampion. I say don’t overthink it at this point, just try to have a nice time and afterwards you’ll probably have a better idea if you two get along well or not.

I have to admit it would be awesome to find someone who shares your passion in life. Just don’t fall into the trap of thinking this must necessarily be your soul mate just because she likes astronomy. Just take it slow, keep your mind open and see where it leads. Good luck!

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7 hours ago, Buckwheat said:

Yes, there were also some other things ib that email that did not look so "just friendly" to me. Not to nention there were a bunch of other messages between that, in a span of two days, that kept getting more and more desperate. And he showed up at my door the third day after I did not answer. (At that point, I told him to back off because I was creeped out).

IDK, maybe. :dunno:

He comes from Cameroon. I literally know nothing about habits there.

Ok, yeah.....that sounds a litte bit desperated...indeed:huh:.

Like Datepalm suggests I'd say it's more face-saving, maybe being ashamed of admitting he was direct and you didn't respond as he wanted..although I have no idea either of Cameroon's culture, either.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.