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I know I've posted this before, in fact I'm pretty sure it was in this actual thread, but Samwise Gamgee is the absolute greatest.

I was having a chat with a friend about why they should read the LOTR (our friendship is considered on hiatus until this gaping flaw is rectified) and I always come back to Sam.

A humble gardener lacking anything much by way of bravery, strength or intelligence, through nothing more than resilience and determination carries his friend to the fires of Mt Doom. My favourite part of the entire saga is when he sneaks into Mordor, completely petrified, while wearing the ring, looking for Frodo.

It's always hilarious when he mutters about how his old gaffer would go nuts to see this, that or the other thing. And the moment where he essentially resigns himself to never surviving the ordeal but persisting anyway is heartbreaking.

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Sam is a genuine pleasure to read in Lord of the Rings. When I re-read the sections with Shelob, all I could think of was, "Holy crap, like a year ago this guy was just pulling weeds and tending flowers in Bilbo Baggins' garden, and now he's hundreds of miles away fighting an almost unimaginable nightmare spider".

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