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Lany Freelove Cassandra

Autumn Evenings and Faceless Dude tragedy

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I'm not sure how many people remember Autumn Evenings and Faceless Dude.  AE mostly played mafia and FD played a few games as well, but mostly hung out in tttne.  Most know they married, had twin boys, one severely disabled, and a couple years later a third son. 

It is with broken heart that tell you that their son Atticus died suddenly from a virus. Atticus was loving child, and a fighter. He learned to walk when the doctors thought he never would, and was learning to walk up stairs, ride a bike, feed himself.  He loved and accepted everyone.  The family is obviously devastated by the loss.

But tragedy struck another cruel blow just a few days after Atticus passed away, and the family home burned down. Luckily everyone was able to get out safe, but nearly everything they owned was lost. They think it was a spark from their hot water heater that caught a box on fire.  They are currently staying with relatives.

I have no idea how they are dealing with so much loss at one time, but we can show our love and support for them. A site has been set up for donations if anyone would like to help out.


Instead of cards or flowers, Marissa had asked people to buy this book (The Barefoot Book of Children) and read it to children or donate it to libraries or hospitals


ETA: also, if anyone would like for me to pass on any messages let me know

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thank you, Lany for the link...as i sit looking at my beautiful healthy girls i am heart broken for our friends who are enduring a pile on of tragedy...

my thoughts are with them all...

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