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Ungoliant-Like Entity: The Heart of Winter that Brandon Stark Witnessed

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Not sure if thread goes here. I hope the patterns I have noted and described will be incredible for you guys; they were for me even though they are probably incomplete. I have a very important question at the end and it would be great if you guys help out.

The Heart of Winter was said to be beyond the veil/curtain of light. The "Northern Lights" alone can fit into the silky feelings you would often extrapolate from the definition of 'Veil'. However, there is a type of material often used in textiles that should also conjure these words to readers: Silk.

Now, do spiders only use their silk to produced flat webs? The answer is no: in fact most of you should have witnessed cocoon and dome shaped webs in your life. Below are the pictures of dome shaped spider webs. Note how light is reflected in the second picture.



It was said that the White Walkers have spiders for their mounts. Now - while it is true that the White Walkers are capable of creating complex things out of ice - the ice spiders are probably sentient in some form and are thus too complicated to be created completely by the White Walkers. As far as we can tell, the White Walkers are only capable of enslaving the dead by restoring partial personalities, not creating life and sentience out of thin air. Perhaps their bipedalism is useful in helping to raise and guide the baby-spider spawn of G.R.R.M's 'Ungoliant', and that is why these bipedal White Walkers exist as separate species.

And witnessing the powerful, metaphysical 'Ungolian' would make the most sense when it comes to the reaction of Brandon Stark. I do not see what is so scary about witnessing more White Walkers. What would be most terrifying and most encouraging of despair would be witnessing a gigantic 'city' in the dark, ultimate VOID; VOID that is ever expanding along with the Unlight 'Cloak' of 'Ungoliant'. Within the Dome of Void are scary sacrifices, more White Walkers, and the army of spiders being spawned by said 'Ungoliant'. Brandon Stark's reaction also makes sense symbollically: the tears (from both of his eyes?) were burning. The burning represents the effects of poison and the tears represent liquid (and thus Water).

Spiders do deliver liquid poison through their two fangs.


Finally there is a Song that coincidentally start my thoughts in all of these things, which makes me suspect the Band itself and that it wasn't a coincident at all.

There is one part in the lyric that is most unusual: 'in the darkest night, rising like a spire......'. The problem is, I used to thought that the word was 'Spider' and I wasn't the only one.

'In the darkest night, rising like a spider'-------> The temporary yet awe inspiring triumph of 'Ungoliant' before 'a hope of spring'.

'In the burning heart...'------->Passion of the people who needs to survive (the Survivors in GRRM's wold), but could also mean the poisonous effect of the Spider.

'the unmistakable fire'------> The darkness was not normal: the UNLIGHT that Ungoliant-in-the-Tolkien-Universe produced was a material of its own; in fact, it was probably a very corrupt form of light/fire. Both ice and fire need each other to express and participate themselves physically in ASOIAF: the effects of fire won't last unless it is 'frozen' in stones/etc.; the White Walkers cannot get anything done unless they are warlike-active (fiery). Heck, the White Walkers themselves are described as frozen shadow. The 'Unlight' of 'Ungoliant' is unmistakably (most corrupt) fire.

The freedom of all living things is against the ropes indeed. Although 'Ungoliant' may have icy cold underlings, it is her 'unquenchable thirst' towards the Long Night that humans must defeat.


The song 'Burning Heart' was released by the band - Survivor - during 1985, only a few years off from the first release of GRRM's ASOIAF (1991?). Were there any well documented connections between the two? If there were, that would be epic (SNEAKY EPIC).

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