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Bonds of Love

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With Princess Daena safely under lock-and-key in the Maidenvault once more, King Baelor’s most urgent prayers were answered… but as he kept to the sept, to pray at all hours for his sister’s safe return, the rest of the court was not still in its labors. The small council met more than once, the Hand speaking for his nephew the king, as decisions great and small were made. Word filtered through the court that one topic the small council has turned its hand to ever since Princess Daena’s recovery is the naming of a seventh White Sword after years of only six Kingsguard knights. Baelor, some claimed, long-resisted naming a seventh due to his own ambivalence of being surrounded by men of war rather than men of peace, but others still said it was only for lack of candidates of suitable skill and spotless repute after so many heroes died in Daeron’s wars.

Regardless of the truth, more rumors focused on something quite different: meetings between the Hand and the Dornish envoys, and—after Daena’s return—meetings with Baelor in attendance. Ravens flew south, ravens returned north, more meetings were held… and then it was proclaimed that King Baelor and the Lord Protector of Dorne had agreed that the king’s young cousin, Prince Daeron, would wed the Prince of Dorne’s daughter upon the prince’s majority, and that early negotiations would be under way both in King’s Landing and Sunspear to determine the initial arrangements. It transpired that Ser Quentyn Qorgyle, the Lord Protector, had invited the king and his court to hold the wedding in Sunspear… and rumor has it that the king thinks this good, though some on the small council are less convinced.

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