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Given the issues with obtaining the publishing rights to everything GRRM ever wrote, this would be quite a substantial undertaking.  Remember that in the 1970s, for instance, everything was done on paper.  Texts were submitted to ten or twenty different outlets, agreements and contracts drawn up on paper, the final edition printed on paper.

Then in the consolidation of publishers and computerization of the industry in the 1990s, lots and lots of paper got lost / discarded / purposely destroyed.  Knowing what was the final edit of a story, and who owns the rights to the story, is not necessarily a straightforward act.

Furthermore, consider the size of the task of collecting and editing it.  I draw your attention to the Vance Integral Edition, which according to the linked wikipedia article took 300 volunteers almost eight years to complete, and resulted in 45 hardback volumes.  Now GRRM isn't quite Jack Vance, but his output isn't negligible, either.  The VIE was a labor of love from a community that treasured Vance, and there is no way the VIE was profitable.  Who will take on this task for GRRM?

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I assume that the Complete Works of George R. R. Martin are not going to fill 45 hardback volumes. Unless he has secretly written thousands of pages using various pseudonyms. 

One would also assume that George's recent fortunes should enable to straighten out any issues surrounding publishing rights. Unless there is bad blood between certain parties, etc. The majority of the copyrights in Dreamsongs seem to be with George already.

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Right, having just looked the compleat list of GRRM's works, the fiction that does not appear in Dreamsongs is thusly:

  • Garizan, the Mechanical Warrior (1965, early fanzine work, lost)
  • Meet the Executioner (1965, comic, I suspect lost or very hard to find)
  • The Isle of Death (1965, likewise)
  • The Strange Story of the White Raider (1965, likewise)
  • Powerman vs. The Blue Barrier! (1965, likewise)
  • The Sword and the Spider (1965)
  • The Coach and the Computer (1966)
  • The Added Safety Factor (1968)
  • Protector (1968, revised as Warship like The Fortress was revised as Under Siege)
  • Dark, Dark Were the Tunnels (1973)
  • Night Shift (1973)
  • Override (1973)
  • A Peripheral Affair (1973)
  • Slide Show (1973)
  • F.T.A. (1974)
  • Run to Starlight (1974)
  • The Last Super Bowl Game (1975)
  • Night of the Vampyres (1975)
  • The Runners (1975)
  • The Storms of Windhaven (1975, with Lisa Tuttle, revised for Windhaven)
  • The Computer Cried Charge! (1976)
  • Fast-Friend (1976)
  • ...For a Single Yesterday (1976)
  • In the House of the Worm (1976)
  • Men of Greywater Station (1976)
  • Nobody Leaves New Pittsburg (1976)
  • Nor the Many-Colored Fires of a Star Ring (1976)
  • Patrick Henry, Jupiter, and the Little Red Brick Spaceship (1976)
  • Starlady (1976)
  • After the Festival (1977, part of Dying of the Light)
  • Weekend in a War Zone (1977)
  • Call Him Moses (1978)
  • Warship (1979, revised version of Protector)
  • One-Wing (1980, with Lisa Tuttle, revised for Windhaven)
  • The Fall (1981, with Lisa Tuttle, revised for Windhaven)
  • The Needle Men (1981)
  • Closing Time (1982)
  • Loaves and Fishes (1985, part of Tuf Voyaging)
  • Manna from Heaven (1985, part of Tuf Voyaging)
  • The Plague Star (1985, part of Tuf Voyaging)
  • Second Helpings (1985, part of Tuf Voyaging)
  • Black and White and Red All Over (2001, unfinished novel fragment)
  • Shadow Twin (2004, with Gardner Dozois and Daniel Abraham, revised for Hunter's Run)
  • A Night at the Tarn House (2009, in Songs of the Dying Earth)

Wild Cards:

  • Interlude One through Interlude Five (1987, in Wild Cards)
  • Jube: One through Jube: Seven (1987, in Wild Cards: Aces High)
  • Winter's Chill (1987, in Wild Cards: Aces High)
  • All the King's Horses (1988, in Wild Cards: Down and Dirty)
  • The Great and Powerful Turtle (1992, comic story in Wild Cards #3 from Epic Comics)
  • Jay Ackroyd's Story (1990, in Wild Cards: Dead Man's Hand)
  • The Great and Powerful Turtle (1992, in Wild Cards: Dealer's Choice)
  • Jay Ackrod's Story (1995, in Wild Cards: Black Trump)
  • Crusader (2008, in Wild Cards: Inside Straight)

A Song of Ice and Fire:

  • The Sworn Sword (2003)
  • The Mystery Knight (2010)
  • The Princess and the Queen (2013)
  • The Rogue Prince (2014)
  • The Sons of the Dragon (2017)
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And I believe this is as complete a bibliography of GRRM's stuff as has ever been assembled, so we can take a look at the figures.

So he's written 99 short stories, novellas and novelettes. 32 (not counting the 2 TV scripts) are published in Dreamsongs, 3 in Windhaven, and 5 in Tuf Voyaging. So that's 59 left. We can then lose the 6 ASoIaF short stories because they're going to be in other collections, and the 20 Wild Cards interstitals and stories. 

So that's 33 stories (I think) left over that aren't part of his 2 big universes or already collected in Dreamsongs. Huh, so Dreamsongs collects about 50% of the eligible stories, so there's scope for a volume of similar size (at least in number of stories) collecting the rest.

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15 hours ago, Wilbur said:

In fact, I believe that I have read everything on that list from 1972 up to the Wildcards stuff.  The only exception is Patrick Henry, Jupiter, and The Little Red Brick Spaceship, which I have never previously heard of before.

I have read that, I think in the Songs of Stars and Shadows anthology, although it was quite a long time ago so I don't remember it too well. I think I've probably read about half the stories on Wert's list.

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Well, I guess somebody who actually knows George or people close to him should pitch the idea to make a collection of his Complete Short Fiction - or even his Complete Works (the volumes containing ASoIaF material could be postponed until the series is finished).

From what Ran has hinted at there seem to be plans in the works to publish some of George's unfinished stuff - very interesting in relation to cut ASoIaF chapters (the Shrouded Lord chapters, the five year gap, etc.) but also in relation to the unfinished novels and the abandoned short stories.

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Tor will publish in May 2018 a new mass-market paperback edition of Nightflyers: and other stories.

1) CLASSIC GEORGE R. R. MARTIN REISSUE IN TIME FOR SYFY CHANNEL ADAPTATION:Nightflyers is a cosmic horror story, part of George R. R. Martin's classic Thousand Worlds universe, and was nominated for a Hugo Award in 1981. This new mass market with fresh cover art, will be out just in time for the Nightflyers television show, which plans to air on Syfy in July 2018.

2) MORE MARTIN STORIES: In addition to Nightflyers, this book includes five classic George R. R. Martin science fiction stories, bringing added value for fans hungry for more fiction by him.

3) ENGAGED, COMMITTED AUTHOR: Martin will promote it with all the energy for which he's famous.

Table of contents:

  • Nightflyers
  • Override *
  • Weekend in a War Zone *
  • And Seven Times Never Kill Man
  • Nor the Many-Colored Fires of a Star Ring *
  • A Song for Lya

* = not included in Dreamsongs.


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