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Are Dragon Eggs made by Humans?

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On 3/6/2017 at 0:21 PM, The Dragon has three heads said:

In all of martins work he's never made magic 'real' there's always an explanation.    

Magic is what you make it.

power resides where men THINK it resides.

I can't think of anything more yawn worthy than finding out people are special n cause MAGIX.

nope nope nope haha

What about Beric Dondarrion? Lady Stoneheart? What's the explanation for their reincarnation if it's not magic?

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Well have this *life force* being passed from Beric to Cat but we don't know what it is.  Thoros is certain it's the LOL which makes me suspicious to begin with.  

George is an atheist, why all of a sudden in this (arguably) his finest work would he suddenly give 'gods' power? What purpose does this serve in the narrative? 

The ability seems more about healing wounds-to a point-that caused death maybe with telekenis, maybe not, and then 'calling back' the conscious to the body, similar to warging, which is for all intents and purposes is telepathy.  And yes the argument is that telepathy is its own kind of magic, so what's the difference?  

The difference to me is if these abilities were created/engineered by a third party(i.e. Not a God or an innate magic.  But perhaps an Old advanced race from the Pre long night civilizations, or an event such as the red comet or even Brans manipulation, let's be honest, the whole time travel thing has cracked a lot of it open) and then found their way into the blood lines of our characters to be used in this timeline within the story. 

I just don't think GRRM is lazy enough to change his whole writing style and be like, cool, gods exist and they give x y z powers because it's easier. It just doesn't make sense.

For extraordinary abilities to exist there has to be an extraordinary reason.  He is a sci fi writer at heart, and I believe even his fantasy work must have good 'furniture' as he calls it, or it all falls to pieces.

A lot of his work in the past takes an event.  Usually an apolcalyptic one, And then humans re tell that event over time distorting it, making it dogmatic, creating war and conflict only for it to be discovered that a large part of the dogma and the event was false or misremembered or indeed Intentionally misleading.

Sound familiar?

In conclusion thes magical events from an in character perspective can and most likely are points of interference from a bran like character-close too but not quite a god.  Given power by a conflation of manipulated circumstances to ensure that a certain outcome is acheived for an as yet undisclosed reason.  

And the abilities that allow such interdictions are genes passed down from the old races allowing use of glass candles, warging, dragon riding and greenseering.

Hopefully haha

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