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Lockjaw of House Boltagon

Dark Small Council

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In honor of the real life Dark Administration featuring Devos, Sessions, Bannon and other various demons from the depths of hell, come up with the darkest, most unstable and self-destructive Small Council and King and Queen you can (and the worst possible Lords Paramount if you want, as a bonus)

Here's mine:

King: Joffrey

Queen: Melisandre

Hand: Harys Swyft

Master of Ships: Euron

Master of Coin: Lynesse Hightower

Master of Laws: Janos Slynt

Grandmaester: Qyburn

LC of the Kingsguard: Gregor 

LP of the North: Ramsey

LP of the Vale: Littlefinger

LP of the Riverlands: Black Walder

LP of the Westerlands: Cersei

LP of the Reach: Axell Florent

LP of the Iron Islands: Victarion 

LP of the Stormlands: Stannis

LP of Dorne: Obara Sand



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If you don't mind my mixing time periods, I can do better...or would it be worse?

King: Aerion Brightflame, first of his name

Queen: Tyanna of Pentos

Hand: Myles Smallwood

Master of Ships: Brandon the Burner 

Master of Coin: Ser Jorah Mormont

Master of Laws: Petyr Baelish

Grandmaester: Lazy Leo Tyrell, when he's finished training

LC of the Kingsguard: Wex Pyke

LP of the North: Night's King

LP of the Vale: Ser Lyn Corbray

LP of the Riverlands: Ser Otho Bracken

LP of the Westerlands: Ser Ilyn Payne

LP of the Reach: Lucas Inchfield

LP of the Iron Islands: Euron Greyjoy

LP of the Stormlands: Ronnet Connington

LP of Dorne: Walter Wyl


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