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Dragons in the house

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Hello fellow GOT fans!
I would like to share some Papercraft Dragons that my girlfriend and I have been making.
We found the inspiration in GOT to create these creatures and we have lots more ideas on the horizon. 

Dragon Head - image 1 - image 2 - image 33D model

height: 50 cm / 1'7"
width: 35 cm / 1'1"
depth: 31 cm / 1'
# of parts: 80

Dragon Body - image 1 - image 2 - image 3 - 3D model

height: 80 cm / 2'7"
width: 76 cm / 2' 6"
depth: 21 cm / 8"
# of parts: 67

Hope you like them :) What do you guys think?

We are currently preparing to run a crowdfunding campaign and we have a great pre-launch contest where you could get our creations for free by spreading the word about it :)
If you wish to participate or check what we do, please visit polimind.com/unlock to unlock the contest :)

If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer!
Thanks everyone!

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