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Casablanca Birdie

US Politics: Speak Into the Microwave

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3 hours ago, Toth said:

Exactly, this is what makes my head spin as well. I believe he wants to further increase the already bloated military budget as his own little vanity project to make himself look like as 'strong' as his big idol Putin in spite of it not aligning at all with his stated goals to dial back on US commitments to long-standing allies. Which is, I think, why the word 'isolationist was used in reference to his stated goals - not because he wants to cut trade (for once I believe him when he says he is a friend to free trade [at least as long as the numbers look fancy and he gets away with circumventing regulations of his victims), but because there is no telling in whether he would intervene if an ally gets attacked or just stand at the sidelines and watch. His promises to Merkel ring hollow to me, especially when I look at people like Bannon whispering into his ear. Selling out the EU to Putin would be this guy's wet dream come true.

Part of it also is that he has almost no concrete policy ideas of his own, and he listens to different advisors at different times on different issues; advisors who are balkanized into a hundred different power fiefdoms that constantly squabble with each other for dominance. So there's no consistent message or goal at all.

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4 hours ago, OldGimletEye said:

It's extremely unfortunate we've elected a moron. It's extremely unfortunate, this moron doesn't realize the US benefits from Nato. And it's extremely unfortunate that he is putting the whole thing into question.

And you cannot at this time discount the possibility that Russia is influencing the moron on these grounds.

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