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Singing Rhaegar Fancast. He writes his own lyrics too!


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I have trawled through a lot of suggestions for Rhaegar and I've noticed that not a lot of attention was paid to one of his most distinct traits that was made canon in the show. His singing. Not yet canon in the show but very telling for his character in the book and a source of a lot of mystery was also his songwriting. So I'm going to put forth a suggestion that is really out of left field.... HOZIER.

http://68.media.tumblr.com/c295582f2244a7a877a7877b6eff898f/tumblr_nz7irjlAPI1t87n7vo1_1280.jpg [/image]

picture in profile

Eyebrows are as thick as Emilia's Dany, nose... slightly resembles Harry Lloyd's (Viserys)

Without the beard, trying to look debonair

Listen to his song that was in the season 4 dvd trailer "In the Woods Somewhere"https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqV249mFX14 and I can tell he'll be able to write a song like what was described in the books:

When you heard him play his high harp with the silver strings and sing of twilights and tears and the death of kings, you could not but feel that he was singing of himself and those he loved

another one of his : He is singing and playing it live! And the LYRICS! He wrote all of it

Actually just his hands on a harp, his voice and his songwriting as Rhaegar would suffice. Just get him to sing and write the "Song of Ice and Fire" and that would be fine. I understand that he is not totally conventionally handsome with his janky teeth, too big nose and thin long face. He is too tall (6foot5) and skinny for Rhaegar as well. But if the only scene of Rhaegar's we see is Dany's vision of him singing and playing his harp in the House of Undying then swordfighting and jousting will not be high on the priorities. I even feel that the show wants to highlight that Jon got his martial prowess from Lyanna and his broodiness from Rhaegar, because of the way Barristan and Dany's scene about Rhaegar went. I see them focusing more on his scholarly pursuits and his obsession with prophecy.

More HOZIER goodness:

"Run" about the tense relationship of the land and sea in Ireland

"In a Week" the most romantic song about 2 rotting corpses, very GRRM

I think this one qualifies as one that would "make women weep"; "Cherry Wine"

As for acting he did a little of it in his video for "From Eden"

Actually, his coloring would be suited to a white wig. The handsome factor can be amplified with great makeup, lighting and camera angles, and his resemblance to other Targaryens... well he does have great thick eyebrows, his nose would be closer to Viserys's (Harry Lloyd) than Emilia as Dany. 

Do you see it?

More importantly, can you hear it? Does he have the iron tones?

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