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Recruiting: Fair Maidens

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With King Baelor on the throne -- who has confined his sisters to the Maidenvault, with many royal companions, and considers a woman's virtue above all else, the number of débutantes at court is less than would normally be expected. However, it would be too restricting to limit the number of unmarried women, especially since young, unmarried women do tend to be preferred by the playerbase. (However, it is also interesting if you come up with a justification for a presence at court more than a straight début, such as serving another lady). Here is a list of possible young, eligible maids that are available to play in King's Landing.

CG'ed maidens:

Catelyn Paege - A scion of a greater landed knightly house from the Riverlands, Catelyn is also close to the Stormlands relations of her Selmy mother. Though she has come to the pious court of Baelor to make a match, she seems disinterested in marital affairs if it is not out of duty to her father -- even at the age of twenty-four! Most notable is the fame of her brother Kavan the Young, but their relationship is quite a complicated one, for sure...

Alianne Waxley - Named after an aunt who married an Arryn, Alianne came into the world as a somewhat frail thing. After a lack of suitors at Wickenden, a debut at court is natural to make a good match -- and at her young age of seventeen, she has the virtue of age upon her side, as well as her remarkable intellect.

Elonne Rivers - She is a bastard -- but the name of her late father, Tully, carries weight in the Riverlands. She is now four-and-twenty, but a marriage is still possible for her -- though it is more likely to be a trueborn cousin of a lesser house, rather than an heir. She is pleasant and polite, attentive and inquisitive, and is quite proper, and is serving Lady Pennei Massey as a lady-in-waiting. Message Edmure Tully in-game with any questions.

Alyse Stone - A bastard daughter of Ser Ober Arryn, she has come to court to serve her trueborn sister Jyana -- now the second wife of Ser Jonn Lannister, and future Lady of Casterly Rock. Now three-and-twenty, her marriage prospects are similar to that of Elonne's above. She is shy, withdrawn, and quietly spoken, with a penchant for studying -- and cats! Message Jonn Lannister in-game with any questions.

Shaella Buckwell - The younger sister of the Lord of the Antlers, she has already secured a good betrothal, to Haston Costayne, heir to the Three Towers, and she shall be Lady Costayne one day.  She is a very witty woman, and has a strong affinity for horses and riding. Play Shaella if you want a young woman whose match is already ensured.

Victoria Reyne - The daughter of the Lord of Castamere. She is twenty-seven and still unwed, though her marriage prospects are still quite high due to her father's status as the most powerful bannerman of Lord Lannister. She is dignified, confident, and has no blemishes on her repute. Message Victor Reyne in-game with any questions.

Irena Marbrand - Granddaughter of Lord Marbrand, she is the eldest of Arden Marbrand's five daughters. Having no brothers, and her mother and step-mother both having died, it seems certain that she will inherit Ashemark and be ruling lady of that House one day. She is passionate and stubborn. She is currently at court serving Reyna Saltcliffe, Mistress of Keys for Princess Naerys and aunt of Lord Tyrell. Message Syrax in-game for any questions.

Alannys Hunter - Having lost her eye in an accident in Southshield in her youth (having spent her childhood there due to her Serry mother and her father's status as master-at-arms of the isle), she has come to court with her brother Ser Garlan, who has risen high as the captain of the Queen Daenaera. She is as courteous as can be, but is deeply ashamed of her blemish. Message Garlan Hunter in-game for any questions.

Elyana Mertyns - A maiden - but also a widow. Her husband, Dandon Meadows, son of the present Lord Meadows and his eventual successor, died ten years ago in the Conquest of Dorne, having failed to consummate the marriage. She is serious and shy, and has turned to religion after the death of her brother, Ser Ethos. You might want to message her previous player, Dermett Corbray, in-game for any questions.

Elleria Celtigar - Youngest daughter of Lord Clement Celtigar, she is meek and charming, but also has a haughty streak. Her niece, Ashera, has also recently come to court. Message Ashera Celtigar in-game for any questions.

Un-CG'ed maidens, for those who want to create an original background and persona: (note, these are only suggestions!)

Walda Rivers - Trueborn daughter of Tomas Rivers, the Bastard of Riverrun, and Ronessa Frey. She is of a bastard line, but of a Tully bastard line, which make her marriage chances not bad, but still lesser than most. Message Edmure Tully in-game for any questions.

Dalla Grell - Daughter of Bryne Grell, steward of Riverrun, and his Tully wife, Marianne. Her brother Jostyn, however, has been more or less disowned by House Tully, and he is most disapproved of by Simona Tully, wife of the heir to Riverrun ... can Dalla break free of his repute? Message Jostyn Grell in-game for any questions.

Serina Stone - Bastard daughter of Ober Arryn, with the possibility of serving her half-sister Jyana Lannister. Her marriage chances are much like Alyse's mentioned above. Message Jonn Lannister for any questions if you want her to serve Jyana.

Malarra Baratheon - The young, eligible niece of the Lord of Storm's End, she is primed to come to court to make a good match, and it is very likely that she will be able to marry an heir, not only from the Stormlands, but from all the Seven Kingdoms.

Oraney Florent - Granddaughter of the Lord of Brightwater, and a scion of House Tyrell's rival in their claim to the Reach. Her cousin Sanesa is also an eligible young woman of a similar age. There's also the possibility of her serving her liege lord's sister, Rylla Tyrell, and you can message Rylla in-game for any questions if you want to go down this route.

Pella Darklyn - The eligible daughter of the Lord of Duskendale, her sister Idane is currently in the Maidenvault with the Targaryen Princesses. Message Durance Darklyn or Gwyn Banefort in-game for any questions.

Addia Massey - A cousin of the Lord of Stonedance, she was saved from gang-rape when pirates descended on her great-uncle's castle, as Yohnen Darklyn was forced to choose to spare her or her cousin Mella - and chose the former. How has she developed from this traumatic experience?

Ganna Grafton - The second daughter of the Lord of Gulltown and his Arryn wife, her mother has brought her to court before in order to find a husband, though all attempts so far have been unsuccessful. Will things work out for Ganna?

Gallisa Westerling - Niece of the Lord of the Crag, she might well come to court alongside her brother Ryckon, the Commander of the Dragon Gate.

Ryalla Farman - Daughter of the late Robert Farman, heir to Fair Isle, she has been promised a good dowry by her grandfather. Her elder sister Damia Corbray was in play until she died in childbirth. Message Melarra Hightower or Dermett Corbray in-game for any questions.

Arrene Fossoway - Eligible daughter of the Lord of Cider Hall. There is the possibility of serving her liege lord's brother and her cousin, Rylla Tyrell, and if you want to go down this route, message Rylla in-game.

Parra Redfort - Sister to Lady Redfort, who is currently residing in King's Landing in order to improve her knowledge of politick. Will the younger sister follow?

Tamena Lydden - Younger daughter of the Lord of Deep Den, Tamena has courtly connections in her uncle Lord Ryger, the master of laws.

Mara Melcolm - Betrothed to the heir to Gulltown, Cortnay Grafton (the royal steward's squire), Mara has been at court for quite some years under the tutelage of the Lady Serry -- though that the ironborn lady in question is now disappeared across the Narrow Sea, what is become of the Melcolm maid?

Elorra Caswell - The Lord of Bitterbridge's eligible daughter has many PC connections, including her brother Joffrey, her sister-in-law Elyse, as well as quite a few cousins through her Hightower mother. All of this makes her a character that is easy to integrate into RP with a number of characters!

Symalla Staedmon - Eldest daughter of the heir to Broad Arch, Symalla is a young girl primed to reach a betrothal.

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