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Recruiting: Wives and Widows

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It would be a breath of fresh air to see a few more wives and widows at court, especially as many have PC husbands!

CG'ed wives and widows:

Alys Baratheon - Only daughter of the Lord of Stonehelm -- the principal bannerman of the Baratheons of Storm's End -- and his Baratheon wife, Alys Swann has renewed the house's relations to Storm's End by marrying Arion Baratheon! As the future Lady of Storm's End, Alys is most certainly an influential figure at court.

Pennei Massey - Eldest daughter of Lord Massey, she was betrothed to the heir to Fair Isle until a hunting accident left her face disfigured, and the betrothal was called off. She has now married Luthor Rivers, a bastard scion of House Smallwood who has risen to Commander of the City Watch, and has given him two children - Doryssa Rivers (named after her late half-aunt, murdered some years ago), and Tristan Rivers. 

Olianne Melcolm - Wife of the Master of Horse and a cousin of Lord Rosby, very timid and graceful, she has given her husband twin sons, Whalon and Jaymar Melcolm. 

Ammara Costayne, Lady of the Three Towers - Ammara is an important woman of the Reach, wife to a lord and mother to three children. She has many connections at court and a rather interesting backstory for a lady, primarily concerning an overly-close youthful friendship with another young woman. With a number of Reach characters currently in play the Costaynes could find good traction for interaction, especially as her husband's sister, Annet, is the mother of the young Lord Tyrell. She has a son, Haston, and two daughters, Mesella and Daena.

Delanei Crane - Formerly heir to Lord Harroway's Town and House Roote until she was displaced by her younger half-brother, she is now the wife of Ser Albyn Crane and the future Lady of Red Lake. She has a daughter, Ella, as well as a son, Vortimer.

Rosalind Buckler - Born as Rosalind Hill, the bastard daughter of Landyll Lannister, she is married to Ser Endros Buckler, cousin of the Lord of Bronzegate - and son of a Velaryon woman and an infamous robber-knight. She has a son, Hector Buckler.

Aurana Prester - Born Aurana Buckler, she was once a lady-in-waiting to the Princess Daena -- her second cousin, via her late mother, Amaena Velaryon. She has now married Farin Prester, and shall be Lady of Feastfires one day. Stiff, with flares of temper, though a proper lady, who is quite fond of hunting. Message Farin Prester in-game for any questions.

Yorena Grafton, Lady of Gulltown - The Lady of Gulltown and cousin of Lord Arryn. With the Influence and Renown system now in place, Yorena has become the most influential woman at court! Come to court many years ago to make a match for her youngest daughter, she is still unbetrothed, and there is reason for her to come to make her a good match.

Berena Hightower - The childless widow of Ser Raymund Hightower, her brother Villem Staedmon is currently in play. Message Villem Staedmon in-game for any questions!

Elyana Mertyns - A maiden - but also a widow. Her husband, Dandon Meadows, son of the present Lord Meadows and his eventual successor, died ten years ago in the Conquest of Dorne, having failed to consummate the marriage. She is serious and shy, and has turned to religion after the death of her brother, Ser Ethos. You might want to message her previous player, Dermett Corbray, in-game for any questions.

Melene Darry - Widow of Desmond Darry, heir to Darry, she is the eldest daughter of Lord Tully, and mother of three Darry children. See Edmure Tully for any questions.

Loreza Dondarrion, Dowager Lady of Blackhaven - Dowager Lady of Blackhaven and aunt of the Lady of Yronwood, it is rumoured she has tainted her daughters with her Dornish nature, and there are still wounds at court from the conquest of Dorne. Play Loreza if you are interested in an older character, which is rare, or an interesting conflict between Dornish and northrons.

Maia Gargalen, Emissary from Dorne to the Iron Throne -  The widow of Jehan Santagar (with whom she had three children with), and again widow of Aimery Allyrion, she is rare in having a position at court in her own right - trying to make peace between Dorne and the Iron Throne.

RESTRICTED (1 year+ of MU'ing experience and 2 RP logs required): Taria Buckwell, Dowager Lady of the Antlers - The Dowager Lady of the Antlers, once called the Fair Maid of Pinkmaiden in her youth, she has had many connections across the ages, including Queen Alicent Hightower, and Queen Daenaera Velaryon. She has been granted a fertile strip of land in the Riverlands - and the terms are that she may grant this to a successor of her choosing upon her demise. Courtiers have flocked around her, trying to garner the elderly lady's favour.

RESTRICTED (1 year+ of MU'ing experience and 2 RP logs required): Lira Arryn, Lady of the Eyrie - A Lannister by birth, Lady Lira is wed to Lord Arryn and one of the most influential women of the court given both a powerful marriage and powerful family connections. See Jonn Lannister with any questions. 

Un-CG'ed wives and widows, for those who want to create an original background and persona: (note, these are only suggestions!)

Philena Ryger, Lady of Willow Wood - Lady Ryger is the wife of the master of laws, and therefore has been present in King's Landing for many years. She has six living children, and has married her son to a Tully maid, and her daughters to the heir to the Crossing and the Lord of Stone Hedge. She has, however, come under scandal - her half-sister, Farena Lydden, fell great with child out of wedlock, causing doubt on her character. See Lena Mallister, her lady-in-waiting (and niece's step-daughter), for any questions.

Lia Reyne - Born Lia Flowers, she was legitimised as the eldest daughter of Lord Hightower, and married to Ser Victor Reyne, heir to Castamere, who has been serving as a member of the Sea Watch for many years. See Victor Reyne, Melarra Hightower, or Rylla Tyrell with any questions.

Nemony Tyrell - The Beesbury woman who married Ser Ardon Tyrell for love could not expect to become as influential as she has - after Lord Tyrell's death in Dorne, her husband has become Lord Protector of the Reach, and her status and influence rivals that of even Lord Tyrell's widow, Annet. See Reyna Saltcliffe or Rylla Tyrell with any questions.

Tyrianne Blackwood, Dowager Lady of Raventree Hall - The elderly Dowager Lady of Raventree Hall, she is the aunt of Lord Lannister, and it would be interesting to see an older lady in play. Alternative options for "Genna Lannister" types (being older ladies born into Great Houses), would be her sister Shella Connington (Lannister), Cariah Belmore (Arryn), and Neria Hawick (Tully)

Darianne Valaros - A scion of House Smallwood, she spurned the traditional role of ladies and married a Braavosi singer, becoming a singer in her own right. Wife of Myrio Valaros and mother of Nyalia Valaros, she was employed by her cousin Luthor Rivers for singing for King Baelor's coronation, and may have found cause to stay in King's Landing. Her connection to the nobility would be very different than the average player.

Gelenna Bulwer - The eldest daughter of Lord Meadows, her last surviving brother, Obyn, died at a tourney at Highgarden in 162 AC. By Andal law, Gelenna should have become her father's heir, though she was prevented from the inheritance due to her late husband Edwyd's role in kidnapping a scion of House Reyne. Though she is a claimant, she will have to fight for her inheritance. See Elyse Caswell or Rymella Meadows with any questions.

Merissa Caswell - Second daughter of Lord Meadows, her son is likely to be the next Lord of Grassy Vale. She could have a strong presence at court, trying to shield her son from rival claimants - no doubt coming out of the woodwork since her grandfather's death. See Elyse Caswell or Rymella Meadows with any questions.

Annys Inchfield - It might be somewhat of a challenge to play a character of Annys: she is eleven years a widow, and bastard-born at that, being the natural daughter of the late Lord Costayne. However, she is also half-sister to Annet Tyrell, the lady of Highgarden. Has she built influence at the Reach's capital in this regard, and does she hope to continue it at King's Landing? See her half-niece, Rylla Tyrell, with any questions.

RESTRICTED (1 year+ of MU'ing experience and 2 RP logs required): Annet Tyrell, Lady of Highgarden - Widow of the Lord Lyonel Tyrell that died in a bed of scorpions, her son Leo is now a boy of ten, ruled by his uncle, Ardon. Annet's influence has decreased, and she is all but toothless - will she try to regain her connections, or life a quiet life of contemplation? See Rylla Tyrell or Reyna Saltcliffe for any questions.

RESTRICTED (1 year+ of MU'ing experience and 2 RP logs required): Leria Corbray, Dowager Lady of Heart's Home - This Corbray-born woman is rumoured to have had many lovers since the death of her husband, Leowyn - including the master-at-arms and a hedge knight! How will such a scandalous dowager fit in at the court of King Baelor? See Dermett Corbray with any questions.

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