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Recruiting: House Meadows

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Despite being a minor house, House Meadows is one of the most interesting houses in play right now, due to the complex inheritance crisis, and its feud with House Reyne. 
In 157, Dandon Meadows, grandson of Lord Manard Meadows and future ruler of that house, perished in Dorne, leaving behind a widowed bride, Elyana Mertyns. It seemed that his younger brother, Obyn, would inherit Grassy Vale -- but unfortunately, he was slain by members of House Reyne during a grand tourney at Highgarden. Ser Robett Meadows, heir to Grassy Vale, had no more sons -- and his lord father Manard prevented him from naming his eldest daughter Gelenna as heir, in part, due to her Bulwer husband's role in further disgracing the house by kidnapping a scion of House Reyne. 
As blood boiled between the Meadows and Reynes, it seemed that Ser Robett would one day be followed by his Maynard Caswell, should he adopt the Meadows name -- the son of his second daughter, Merissa. And while some defend his claim, others believe they have the right to Grassy Vale -- and are undoubtedly coming out of the woodwork now that old Lord Manard has died, and Robett has inherited. Such as Gelenna Bulwer and her sons, and Lord Robett's nephew Ronel, the claimant through the pure male line. 
Currently, Lord Robett's third and fourth daughters, Elyse Caswell and Rymella Meadows, are currently in play, as supporters of their nephew Maynard. 
Interesting characters to see in play would be the primary claimants: Gelenna Bulwer and her children, to make connections at court to advance her claim. Ronel Meadows, the nephew of Lord Robett, would offer the same challenge of having to prove oneself to be named heir. And while Maynard Caswell is too young to be played, his mother Merissa and father Ser Joryan would be interesting characters. 
Other characters could be interesting, too -- such as Lord Robett and Lady Tenda, the ancient dowager Lady Enna, Benara Meadows, the mother of Ser Ronel, and Elyana Mertyns, the widow of Ser Dandon. It is also important to note that Lord Robett and Lady Elyana are CG'ed.

See Elyse Caswell and Rymella Meadows with any questions.

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