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Ella Darklyn

Recruiting: Kingswood Company

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The Kingswood Company is in need of revitalization and leadership. Do you like leading RP? Making plots? Leading the occasional struggle against bandits or court events in the wood? Then the Kingswood Company could be for you!

Open characters: 
Ser Jan Marbrand, Warden of the Kingswood. Any potential player for Jan would need to be a confident plotrunner and experienced with RP leadership positions, as this character needs to be both an in-character leader and is expected to create RP opportunities for the other Kingswood men as well as the court at large. Jan is still learning the political games of court but he has a good balance for a man of position: he is a decent warrior and he takes his knightly vows extremely seriously, he is also well-spoken and tactically minded enough to be a good leader. 

Ser Endros Buckler, Deputy Warden of the Kingswood. Like Ser Jan, a potential player for Ser Endros would be expected to contribute to creating RP and running TPs as needed. Ser Endros has been in the Kingswood Company for a long time, and his leadership is strong if somewhat gruff. Endros is more of a hardened warrior type than a political player, more at home in a fight than at court, although he is also quite devoted to his wife, Rosalind Hill (Lannister), who is also available for play.

Officers: These men have the option of generating RP through their positions but would not require as much TP-running experience. 
Ser Josmyn Reyne- married for love and with a young daughter, Josmyn can sometimes be a bit romantic, but he also knows his way around a fight. His wife Alyce Bar Emmon is also available.
Ser Axell Farman- a friendly, outgoing knight with combat experience and both a sense of honor and humor. Unmarried. 
Ser Jamos Smallwood- the oldest of the Officers, Jamos is a bit of a melancholic soul who enjoys playing music and reading. As an officer, he is likely more inclined to administrative tasks than combat, and prefers to be away from battle more than in it. Unmarried.

For more information please review their CDB entries or contact Cleyton Waxley or Gwyn Banefort within the BOD game.

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