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Recruiting: Dashing Knights and Squires!

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Ah, Westeros, and its dashing knights, and, er... not so dashing knights. Will your character be a picture of chivalry, or cause scandal in the court of King Baelor?

CG'ed recommendations

Ryckard Royce - The youngest son of the Lord of Runestone, Ryckard is nevertheless guaranteed to have a prominent line of lords, through his betrothal to the ruling Lady of Redfort, Gwenda. Although a son of the Vale, Ryckard was fostered at Highgarden, and this is perhaps why he demonstrates an insatiable curiosity, and an intelligent, rational nature -- but this does not mean that he is a man lacking in duty and honour.

Ryckon Westerling - The Lord of the Crag's nephew has proven himself to be a great knight: first squire to Lord Smallwood, then to the heir to Feastfires, he was knighted at the age of just sixteen at the Battle of Pennytree, when the personal war between the Blackwoods and Brackens flared up once more. Now serving in the City Watch, he has risen to the office of Commander of the Dragon Gate at the age of just one-and-twenty.

Garlan Hunter - Though a great-nephew of the Lord of Longbow Hall, Garlan is closer to the relations of his Serry mother, having been raised on Southshield, and squired to his cousin, the young Lord Serry. Now, the Hunter knight has proven himself to be a fine seaman in his own right: he is one of the heroes who fought against Pentoshi slavers upon the step stones, and has now been made captain of his own ship, the Queen Daenaera.

Janden "Swiftspur" Melcolm - The third son of the Lord of Old Anchor, and first by his second wife, Janden Melcolm has risen to Master of the Horse at the Red Keep. He would be a good character if you want someone with a court position.

Kennard "Kegs" Melcolm - This knight of King's Landing's City Watch is considered a ne'er do well in King's Landing, and is far too fond of drink and song. But, he is also a loyal friend, and well-liked by the smallfolk of Flea Bottom.

Endros Buckler - Deputy Warden of the Kingswood, son of the infamous knight Lormon Buckler, and Amaena Velaryon, as well as the husband of the Lannister bastard, Rosalind Hill. One for the battlefield rather than the court, he has a rather fierce nature, a gentle side only being known to those close to him.

Falon "Firearse" Tyrell - A cousin of the young Lord Tyrell, this knight of Highgarden is a clever man who has been quietened by the conquest of Dorne.

Harstyn Tully, Harbourmaster of King's Landing - Harstyn is a witty man with an inclination toward scholarship, but he is also a well-trained knight that performed bravely leading a company of Tully men in Dorne. As a Tully Harstyn has natural political connections useful for RP, and he is also known to be extremely loyal to Sarmion Baratheon, the Commander of the Sea Watch, so he could utilize his Baratheon connections politically as well. He also could be a strong leader of sea-based RP for the rest of the court, as he is the harbourmaster of King's Landing. See Edmure Tully with any questions. 

Brynden Tully, captain of the Eye of the Storm -  Brynden is a rather easy-going man by nature who has grown more serious over the years as he pursues the ambitious goal of eventually becoming the Commander of the Sea Watch. With a Baratheon wife Brynden has interest in both Riverlands and Stormlands politics and could be a player in either, as well as potentially being a creator of sea-based RP for the rest of the court, as he is the captain of the Eye of the Storm. See Edmure Tully with any questions. 

Dennis Lannister, Commander of the Gate of the Gods - Dennis is pious, honorable, and dutiful man, having sacrificed an eye in Dorne while attempting to save King Daeron. As a Lannister he has many options for political RP, and as a Commander in the City Watch he also has the option to create and lead RP regarding issues in the city. See Jonn Lannister with any questions. 

Harys "Mumble" Swyft - Former squire to Ser Jonn Lannister, heir to Casterly Rock, the second son of the Knight of Cornfield is a shy young man called "Mumble." He has, however, made quite a good match in Lena Mallister, daughter of the Lord of Seagard. See Lena Mallister with any questions.

Benedict Rogers - Second son of Arson Rogers, "the Bastard," and Meona Musgood, he was known as Benedict Storm until his father's legitimisation. He is pleasant and noble, though he would sacrifice himself for any slander against him and House Rogers. 

Alek Reyne, Commander of the Iron Gate - The younger brother of the Lord of Castamere, Alek Reyne is extremely ambitious and will stop at nothing to expand his power and influence. As ruthless in court as he is in the battlefield, he doesn't care who he has to step over on his way to the top, although he is not without scruples and etiquette and prefers to carry out his plans as cleanly as possible.

Orson Baratheon, Royal Huntsman - Lord Baratheon's cousin, he strives to be a fair a knight as those of legends. Gentle and even witty, he has risen to the office of Royal Huntsman of King's Landing.

RESTRICTED (1 year+ of MU'ing experience and 2 RP logs required): Doran "Blackbolt" Dondarrion - Younger brother of the Lord of Blackhaven, this half-Dornish knight is deeply tormented - in the Conquest of Dorne, he slew Ormond Yronwood, his aunt's husband and mother's cousin. Men call him kinslayer for this act, and mayhaps it is true... 

RESTRICTED (1 year+ of MU'ing experience and 2 RP logs required): Alyard Corbray - Younger brother of Lord Qarl Corbray, this knight of Heart's Home once performed a great boon for House Tully, and as a result, he had Edmure Tully, heir to Riverrun, squire to him. Fostered at the Eyrie in his youth, he slew Jormar Sunderland after the rape of his sister Dandia - and Lord Sunderland has now come to court, with his bastard niece, the result of that terrible act. A smiling killer and tormented knight.

Un-CG'ed recommendations

Breyer Fossoway, "the Vigorous": The third son of the Lord of Cider Hall and his Royce wife would be a shining knight in the court of king Baelor... that would be, if he didn't have three bastard children, on two serving girls and a disgraced septa! Was he inspired by his kinsman "Appleseed," Matthis Fossoway? How will this lecherous man adapt to a city without whores?

Hothor Rivers: Squire to his father, Tomas Rivers, the Bastard of Riverrun, though he is certainly of age to be a knight. Will he live up to his father's splendid repute? Message Edmure Tully in-game if you have any questions.

Loreon Lannister: Called "Little Loreon," the son of Landyll Lannister has reached the age to be a squire. Who is his knight, and why have they decided to come to King's Landing together? Message Jonn Lannister in-game if you have any questions.

Omrys Baratheon - Nephew of the Lord of Storm's End, and eligible to be knighted. Will he find fame and valour at the court of King's Landing?

Albert Hill - Trueborn son of Ser Hector Hill, a Lannister bastard called the Silver Lion, and Lessa Drox, and married to Aressa Marbrand. Can he find fame as a member of a bastard line? Message Jonn Lannister for any questions.

Endrew Corbray - Second son of the Lord of Heart's Home, he is a squire to the Knight of Cornfield, though of an age to be knighted. What will he do to earn fame as a second son? Message Dermett Corbray for any questions.

Ronel Meadows - Nephew of the Lord of Grassy Vale, whose sons have all died by war or mishap. As his grandfather, the previous Lord Meadows, has recently died, no doubt all the claimants to Grassy Vale are coming out of the woodwork - and there's a possibility of Ronel being made heir. Message Elyse Caswell or Rymella Meadows with any questions.

Beomar Belmore - Called the "Little Bear," Beomar is the only son of Bryan "the Bear" Belmore, an exceptionally strong man but slow of wits. Having squired to the castellan of Lord Harroway's Town, Gyles Roote (his aunt's good-brother), has the knight made a name for himself? Additionally, he might wish to make use of the connections of his Arryn grandmother.

RESTRICTED (1 year+ of MU'ing experience and 2 RP logs required): Brus Bulwer - Grandson of the Lord of Grassy Vale, his father Edwyd died in disgrace seeking vengeance on a member of House Reyne, for the death of Brus' uncle Obyn. He, his mother and siblings have been passed over in the line to Grassy Vale -- but can he overturn that? Message Elyse Caswell or Rymella Meadows with any questions. 

RESTRICTED (1 year+ of MU'ing experience and 2 RP logs required): Peron Stone, "Peron the Pious" - Bastard son of Arlyn Melcolm, this Stone of Old Anchor has proven himself against his famous cousin, Ser Waltyr Stone, and is one of the greatest knights of the Vale. Despite his baseborn heritage, a pious man may find the court of King Baelor a wondrous place. 


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