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Recruiting: Heir Club for Men!

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Want to be a future lord of a house? There are many heirs available - both pre-generated, that are able to be played in minutes, and un CG'ed, meaning you are able to shape the history and persona of the character with an (admittedly long) application process! Most of these characters are Open, meaning that you only need to have read AGOT, and MU* experience is not required (though if you do happen to have MU* experience, you don't even have to have read any books!)

CG'ed heirs

Victor Reyne, heir to Castamere - Heir to the most prominent banner house of the Lannisters, Victor Reyne has made a name for himself in the tourneys of the realm. Now taking up a rather long residence in the city, Victor's wife and two children have moved into his manse, and he has taken up a position in the Sea Watch. 

Yuric Staedmon, heir to Broad Arch - The heir to Broad Arch is a somewhat unlikely one. In the Conquest of Dorne, his cousin, Lord Timmen Staedmon, died alongside his brother Allyn, paving the way for the succession of Lord Timmen's uncle, and Yuric's father, Lord Tristen Staedmon. Married to Jasonnei Mertyns and having three children by her (two daughters, Symalla and Arlana, and an heir of his own, Gilroy), Yuric dotes on his family. He appears to be quite dignified -- though he is slow to forgive, and never one to forget. See Villem Staedmon with any questions.

Gallard Connington, heir to Griffin's Roost - Lord Connington's eldest son is quite extravagant -- and not martially inclined at all, not even being a knight! He is a product of the pampering of his late Tyrell mother, as well as his Lannister grandmother, and dines upon the most gourmet feasts, drinks the finest wines, and there is a sensualist flair to everything he does. After a decade of putting off marriage, and two years of his wife being childless, he is finally expecting his first child. See Melarra Connington with any questions. (Note: Gallard does require a certain player to commit to him, due to his predilection for men. Though some players would indeed find him very appealing due to this aspect of his character, it is one that causes other players to drop him quickly.)

Triston Templeton, heir to Ninestars - Son and heir of the Knight of Ninestars, and nephew of the Lord of the Eyrie through his Arryn mother, he is a perfect knight in all manners: splendid, chivalric, reserved and observant. Towards women he is reserved, though cordial. He has a fondness for music and the harp. Note that marriage is quite unlikely for him due to a private note about him, see Mylessa Roxton with any questions.

Dalton Florent, heir to Brightwater Keep - Son and heir of Lord Darell Florent, there is a quiet professionalism about this man of the Reach. House Florent is one of the many rivals to House Tyrell in believing in a stronger claim to Highgarden. Can Dalton gain a status of renown for House Florent? House Florent has made some meagre marriages as of late -- the present Lady Florent is a Frey, and the next shall be a Westerling -- can Darell make good matches for his children and regain his house's repute?

Merys Lydden, heir to the Deep Den - The eldest son of Lord Lydden is good-humoured, friendly, and enjoys the company of others. He is deeply loyal and loving towards his own family, as well as his liege lords of Lannister. Overall, he is a rather jolly young man, only turning quiet when he meets the rare person he does not like.

Amrell Celtigar, heir to Claw Isle - A man so intelligent he is somewhat over-proud in believing in his own intelligence, the future Lord Celtigar is known as loving the court much more than the Narrow Sea -- though out of politick than a desire to be a famous tourney knight and garner attention. His first wife, Elona Roote, died in childbed, and he re-married to a westerwoman, Parena Marbrand. His eldest daughter by Elona is now five-and-ten -- a splendid age for the heir to Claw Isle to arrange her a match. See Ashera Celtigar with any questions.

Florian Piper - Eldest son of Ardros Piper, heir to Pinkmaiden, the future Lord Piper is an easily likeable person. He is wed to Arona Vance, and the two have a daughter, Flora, named after Florian himself. Though he loves her very much, does he want a son, or is he content to raise her into the future Lady of Pinkmaiden?

Rafe Botley, heir to Lordsport -  Come to court as an emissary from the Iron Islands, he is courteous enough to the greenlanders, though unassuming and dark of speech, and his humour as grim and bleak of the poor islands of his birth. Drink and games are for he, and he shall hardly fit in with the Seven-besotted court of King Baelor. Only the father of a bastard daughter, Alla Pyke, he is unwed -- will he wed a greenlander girl, or negotiate a bride from among his fellow ironmen?

Barion Smallwood, heir to Acorn Hall - Loyal to his friends, pleasant, chivalrous and dutiful, he has a friendly nature, but a pride of a lord already -- and perhaps one much greater than from House Smallwood. Yet he has rekindled Acorn Hall's great western relations with his betrothal to Cenlia Crakehall.

Irena Marbrand - Granddaughter of Lord Marbrand, she is the eldest of Arden Marbrand's five daughters. Having no brothers, and her mother and step-mother both having died, it seems certain that she will inherit Ashemark and be ruling lady of that House one day. She is passionate and stubborn. She is currently at court serving Reyna Saltcliffe, Mistress of Keys for Princess Naerys and aunt of Lord Tyrell. Message Syrax in-game for any questions.

Un-CG'ed heirs - picks and suggestions

Halion Buckler, heir to Bronzegate - The young heir to Bronzegate is a squire to Ser Walton Smallwood, his uncle and master-at-arms at Bronzegate -- though of an age to now be knighted. Unwed, unbetrothed and young, he is of a prime age to come to court, to make his name known and find a bride! With a Hightower grandmother, and interesting half-Velaryon cousins, playing Halion would be a very good choice.

Otho Royce - Grandson of Lord Royce, Otho shall be Lord of Runestone one day after his father. He is eight-and-ten, a prime age for a young knight, and is of great standing, as the Royces are the most powerful banner house of House Arryn. How high shall this Valeman rise?

Cortnay Grafton, heir to Gulltown - The eldest son of Jaymond Grafton and his Arryn wife, Cortnay has been at court for some time as squire to Conrad Arryn, brother of Lord Arryn and the Royal Steward of the Red Keep. Now at the age to be a knight, he may decide to stay at court for some time. He is betrothed to Mara Melcolm, daughter of the Lord of Old Anchor and lady-in-waiting to Katla Serry.

Orbert Farman, heir to Fair Isle - Once promised to Pennei Massey, he called off the betrothal after she was maimed in a hunting accident. Now heir to Fair Isle after his brother's death in the Conquest of Dorne, this western knight requires a bride.

Enfren Bar Emmon, heir to Sharp Point - An heir of a lesser Crownlands house, and squire to Sarmion Baratheon (though old enough to be knighted!) He is rather young and of a good age for either seeking a bride or simply earning repute.

Jon Roxton, heir to the Ring - Son and heir to the Lord of the Ring, Jon has western connections through his mother, Lucia Lannister. With his sister's betrothal to the famous Lord Fell, he has cause to come to court. A widower, who has not remarried after the death of his Osgrey wife in childbed, will he find love again? Or uphold his daughter's claim? See Mylessa Roxton with any questions.

Erton Florent - Son of Dalton Florent, heir to Brightwater Keep, this young Reachlord has come to King's Landing as squire to Farin Prester. Though some players get unhappy playing squires too long, Erton is close to the approved age to knighthood. 

Maran Flint, heir to Widow's Watch - This young northman is heir to Widow's Watch. Though he is unlikely to be a knight, as he follows the Old Gods, he is of an age to be the equivalent to northern warriors. How will he find the court of the pious King Baelor? Will he seek a southron bride?

Benther Estermont - The eldest son of the heir to Greenstone first came to court five years ago, as the squire to his cousin Ammon "Blackhand" Massey. But Ammon died when pirates descended on Stonedance three years ago. What has become of Benther, and has he earned his knighthood?

Adwin Grimm - The future Lord of Greenshield has an interesting history. He was first squired to his great uncle, Ser Wallace Chester, who forcibly married Lady Dayne during the Conquest of Dorne -- but when Adwin was just days away from his fifteenth nameday, Ser Wallace was slain by his own wife in the Dornish Rebellion. Did Adwin have to be ransomed back, and did he find a new master? Do men mock him for this?

Myria Chester, heir to Greenshield Warning: This character is in the Maidenvault. One of the only reasons she will be released is through betrothal; you will need to set this up if you want to play her. The heir club isn't all for men! The eldest of Lord Chester's daughters has certainly made some royal connections over the years -- and also knows what it means to be a future ruling lady, due to her exchanging of letters with the Lady of Redfort.

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