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Victarion's accent via Roy Dotrice... ?

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So I have a question- 


I have tried Googling it up and down the internet.  Tried searching other forums, waited awhile trying to see if it came up sometime, but I simply can't find the answer.


When Roy Dotrice reads Victarion Greyjoy, what accent is he using?


IE, what region of England or what dialect is that supposed to be?


I feel like I have heard people speak like that before in life but I can't put my finger on where, and I am interested in the accents and dialects of the UK- so , where is Victarion "from" according to Roy Dotrice?


[email protected]!

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I don't know but I'm sad that I'll never get to hear Victarion voiced by Dotrice ever again. He really gave the character an extra touch.

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