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Paying Attention? Baelish, Cersei and the "Tapestries"

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*this might be an appropriate place for this thread?*

It has been mentioned in passing even in the show I think but at least 3 times in the books that Cercei is sending fabulous "tapestries" to the Eyrie to Littlefinger from the King's Landing castle.  I cannot think of a logical reason for either one of them to do this or it to be just what it seems.  And why would it even be mentioned at all?

Maybe it means nothing, but does anyone see an underlying "something" with that?  It can't be to replace the tapestry from Sweet Robyn's flying porridge spoon...

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I'm currently rereading ADWD and I'm also intrigued by the role those tapestries could play in the narrative.

Something subtle yet unexpected?


I find myself wondering how these people ate all those salads without forks.

And yes, I say all those salads because GRRM mentions salads a number of times, and often delicious sounding ones too.


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It's suggested that the tapestries are portraits of Targaryen ancestors.  Myrish carpets, I would suggest and possibly accurate portraits which are few and far between in Martin's books.  I suppose they could be used as evidence to support a claim on the throne at some point.  Cersei might get rid of them because they don't support her children's claims on the throne; while Littlefinger might see an advantage to himself in keeping the tapestries.

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Merely a suggestion but you might want to post this topic in general forum.

Why does LF want Robert’s hunting tapestries I have no idea. LF is a conniving man. It does seem that for some reason LF wanted to gift them to Lord Nestor.

There is this wonderful search site that can be very useful


A Game of Thrones - Sansa V     The walls of the throne room had been stripped bare, the hunting tapestries that King Robert loved taken down and stacked in the corner in an untidy heap.

A Feast for Crows - Cersei IV     "Does Lord Baelish seek our help?" asked Harys Swyft.  "Not as yet. In truth, he seems quite unconcerned. His last letter mentions the rebels only briefly before beseeching me to ship him some old tapestries of Robert's."

A Feast for Crows - Alayne I     Petyr laughed. "Perhaps I shall. Or better still, to our sweet Cersei. Though I should not speak harshly of her, she is sending me some splendid tapestries. Isn't that kind of her?"  The mention of the queen's name made her stiffen. "She's not kind. She scares me. If she should learn where I am—"

Feast for Crows - Alayne I    "This way, if it please my lords." Alayne led them down the arcade past a dozen splendid tapestries.

Spoiler below enter at your will.


The Winds of Winter - Alayne I      Lord Nestor was showing Lady Waxley his prize tapestries, with their scenes of hunt and chase. The same panels had once hung in the Red Keep of King's Landing, when Robert sat the Iron Throne. Joffrey had them taken down and they had languished in some cellar until Petyr Baelish arranged for them to be brought to the Vale as a gift for Nestor Royce. Not only were the hangings beautiful, but the High Steward delighted in telling anyone who'd listen that they had once belonged to a king.


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My immmediate thought was they were poisoned. The association was the alleged poisoning of Napoleon by wallpaper in his room, which contained arsenic as an ingredient usual at the time. Than I realised tapestries are different than wallpaper. And why would they poison a public place like a throne room ? So, my immediate guess probably does not make sense, but, who knows ?

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