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Recruiting: Join the Embassies!

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Do you want to represent your homeland in a strange environment, playing a character who is conflicted between their birthplace and their new environment? Then join the embassies! There are three major embassies in the game: the embassy from the Iron Islands to the Iron Throne in King's Landing, the embassy from Dorne to the Iron Throne in King's Landing, and the embassy from the Iron Throne to Dorne in Sunspear. In the case of the Iron Throne's embassy to Dorne, it's recommended to be an alt rather than a first character, as King's Landing is the busier of the two zones. You should also be aware that even if you have characters in King's Landing and Sunspear, you may be approved for a third alt, provided they are part of the embassies (excluding the Ironborn embassy to King's Landing)!

The Ironborn Embassy to King's Landing

Urron Greyjoy - Third son of the Lord of Pyke -- though with his elder brother only having daughters, and the next brother being lost at sea, his place in the line of succession may be closer than it seems (an inheritance is definitely not guaranteed, however). Fostered with his distant Prester kin on the greenlands in his childhood, he is nevertheless committed to the Drowned God, even in the court of pious Baelor, which he has now come to as emissary from the Iron Islands. Though he has not been in play before, he is fully pre-generated, and a player needs to only have read the first book to play him, or if a player is familiar to MUSHing, it's not required at all.

Rafe Botley, heir to Lordsport -  Come to court as an emissary from the Iron Islands, he is courteous enough to the greenlanders, though unassuming and dark of speech, and his humour as grim and bleak of the poor islands of his birth. Drink and games are for he, and he shall hardly fit in with the Seven-besotted court of King Baelor. Only the father of a bastard daughter, Alla Pyke, he is unwed -- will he wed a greenlander girl, or negotiate a bride from among his fellow ironmen?

Eurik Greyjoy, captain of the Blood-drunk - Eurik Greyjoy, captain of the Blood-drunk - Chief emissary, and brother of Lord Greyjoy, he is rare amongst the ironborn in being wiser than he is fierce. Now come to court to represent his house's interests (alongside his son Greydon), shall his mission be successful in the pious king's court? As he is Restricted, a player will need to have 1 year + of MU'ing experience and have read at least the first three A Song of Ice and Fire books. He is also not pre-generated, and you will have to go through CharGen.

Tormund Stonetree, master-at-arms at Pyke - Once master-at-arms at Blacktyde, this Stonetree of Harlaw is certainly a scandalous fellow. There were various whispering among the Isles when Lady Blacktyde -- Gudrun Greyjoy -- bore a daughter *ten* moons after Lord Blacktyde drowned falling overboard, and then went on to marry the lady. Returning to his wife's birthplace, he was appointed master-at-arms, in the place of Artag "the Tooth," who had been killed by Ser Dagur Saltcliffe some months before. How will the scandalous ironman fare in King Baelor's court? As he is Restricted, a player will need to have 1 year + of MU'ing experience and have read at least the first three A Song of Ice and Fire books. He is also not pre-generated, and you will have to go through CharGenHowever it should also be noted that Tormund is a higher tier and, as such, is more powerful than most players.

The Dornish Embassy to King's Landing

Maia Gargalen  The widow of Jehan Santagar (with whom she had three children with), and again widow of Aimery Allyrion, she is rare in having a position at court in her own right - trying to make peace between Dorne and the Iron Throne. Even-tempered and calm, she has managed to integrate with the northron women as best she can. She is fully pre-generated, and a player needs to only have read the first book to play him, or if a player is familiar to MUSHing, it's not required at all.

Orlyn Jordayne, Lord of the Tor - Lord Jordayne is a famous Dornish lord, who defended his homeland during King Daeron's conquest, boldly defending the Boneway as well as commanding the scant Dornish fleet, even serving in the battle where King Daeron was killed by treacherous Dornish rebels. Now, ten years later, he is serving his Prince by helping to heal the wounds between the two realms.

Perrin Blackmont - Perrin is a member of a cadet branch of House Blackmont that has gained quite a bit of influence in Sunspear -- his father Perros is seneschal, his sister Margaid is Keeper of the Spear Tower, his daughter Caitrin is under-seneschal and wed to the Keeper of the Sandship, and he himself was once Keeper of the Sandship. Now he has been appointed as head of the Dornish Embassy by Prince Marence, to improve relations between the realm. He shall undoubtedly be instrumental in the future of these two realms. As he is Limited, he requires 1 year + of MU experience, all A Song of Ice and Fire books to be read, and preferably, to either be a BoD player or known to the staff or other players. A good option for people who want an additional, very politically involved alt in King's Landing!

The Iron Throne's Embassy to Dorne

Masart Piper, squire to Lord Joscelyn Mallister - Third son of the heir to Pinkmaiden, Lord Mallister's squire has been in Dorne for many a year serving his master. Though he is old enough to now be a knight, he may well continue to serve his king in forging peace with the southern realm. Does he seek a Dornish bride, and how have the years at court shaped him? He is Open, and one only needs to have read the first A Song of Ice and Fire book as northron characters are also unfamiliar with Dornish culture. See Josella Mallister with any questions.

Hurin Costayne - Cousin of the Lord of Three Towers, this Reachman once squired for Ser Wallace Chester in his youth - Highgarden's former master-at-arms, that would go on to treat Dorne brutally in King Daeron's conquest with his forced marriage of Lady Alia Dayne. Years after his master's murder by his lady wife, the former squire has come to Sunspear as part of the embassy.

Osmon Beesbury - Nephew of the Lord of Honeyholt, the young Beesbury knight has been a member of the Dornish Embassy for quite a few years... he has picked up some Dornish ideas, in particular, the concept of same-gender paramours appeals to him quite a lot... will the Beesbury knight be able to find love away from the disapproving eyes of the north?

Septon Berdys (Waynwood) - A pious king as Baelor Targaryen has naturally included many members of the Faith in his embassy, and this extends to Septon Berdys. A cousin of the Lord of Ironoaks, he was once a knight. When his friend Elwood Hunter, heir to Longbow Hall, gave up his spurs after the death of his wife -- Berdys' cousin Carissa -- Elwood and Berdys chose to give up their spurs and become septons, serving the dragonlords in the Royal Sept, and Berdys even providing support during the Dornish campaign -- where he spent a few months as Lady Allyrion's hostage during the rebellion. Now come to Sunspear as emissary, he is quite disapproving of the "loose morals" of Dorne -- and Dornishwomen most of all!

Elenora Connington - The Lady of Griffin's Roost is a woman of absolutely splendid repute. Though she has no Connington children, having wed for a second time for companionship late in life, she has three children from her first marriage to the heir to Nightsong. She is also well-known amongst the northerners, once being a lady-in-waiting to Queen Daenaera Velaryon, and being a reputable sister of the Lord of Duskendale. As a lady consort and emissary, Elenora is extremely important in shaping northron-Dornish relations. As she is Restricted, you must have read the first 3 ASOIAF books and have 1 year or more of MU experience.

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