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Recruiting: Dorne! (Pre-generated characters)

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Sunspear is the less popular of the two zones in the game. It's recommended that new players start in King's Landing, but of course, it would also be very interesting to see a higher Dornish population in-game. When you've settled into your King's Landing character for at least three months or so, there are a wide array of characters to choose from in the unique environment that Dorne has to offer! These characters are also quite easy to step into, being pre-generated.

CG'ed, open courtiers (no MU'ing experience required, must have read at least the first four ASOIAF books)

Kay Yronwood - Younger brother of the Lady of Yronwood -- the most powerful vassal of House Martell -- this Yronwood knight once spent years as hostage at King's Landing, where he wed Valeria Blackmont to save her from a forced marriage. Now there is political turmoil in Sunspear, will Lady Yronwood send her brother to court to muddle the Martell politics?

Lysanne Manwoody - Lysanne Caron was promised to the Faith in her youth -- until she was taken from the motherhouse to marry Lord Manwoody. Surrendering her husband's castle during the Conquest of King Daeron, men whisper she is a northron traitor and worse. Now a widow, she may return to court, as her beloved, sickly daughter is of marriageable age. See Albyn Crane/Aryard Manwoody with any questions.

Senara Santagar - Firstborn child of the Knight of Spottswood, this heiress has a splendid marriage -- at least, on paper. Wed to the secondborn of the late Princess Coryanne -- Prince Cadan Martell -- she has a daughter and heir by him, Leyla, and a son Aron. Though, she despises Cadan for his disgracing of her through his concubines, and has been exiled from court in disgrace. This prince's wife is bound to cause trouble... See Cadan Martell/Damphair with any questions.

Lilah Blackmont - Lilah Gargalen is the niece of the Lord of Salt Shore. She has been a splendid courtier in Prince Marence's court for several years, rising high enough to become chatelaine to Princess Ariana Martell, youngest sibling of the Prince. She has also wed Torren Blackmont, of the influential cadet branch of that Ilk. A courtly lady indeed -- though one with a ferocity which matches her brother Willum, now exiled to the Free Cities for his slaying of Blaise Dalt. For this reason, Lilah would be an excellent choice for those who want to play a part in the Dalt/Gargalen feud.

Armand Gargalen - The brother of Lilah Gargalen, Armand also treasured his beloved brother Willum, who is now exiled to the Free Cities. An excellent choice for those who want to play a part in the Dalt/Gargalen feud.

Joris Yronwood - Cousin of the Lady of Yronwood, Joris was once imprisoned during the Rebellion of Yronwood for his stalwart support of his cousin. A widower for some years, he may wish to re-marry -- or, of course, see his precious daughter Jessa be wed to a suitable man.

Elda Dalt - The daughter of Marius Dalt, the Little Lemon, her father Marius (who is currently in play), desires that Elda should wed highly. See Marius Dalt/Dermett Corbray with any questions.

Felix Sand - The bastard son of Lyanna Drinkwater (who died in childbed at his birth) and a wanderer from the north, Felix was raised by his Dalt step-father for much of his life. Though gaining infamy after killing a man at Vaith during the Conquest who appeared to be his father, he has maintained a reputation at court as a dutiful sworn sword to House Dalt of Lemonwood.

Azalais Dayne - Paramour of Griffin Gargalen (whom she could have retroactively married or had bastard children with), Azalais is an artistically inclined woman who has gained prominence at court in being a lady-in-waiting to Princess Ariana Martell.

Alroy Dayne - Brother of Lady Azalais, Ser Alroy has also gained prominence through becoming a companion to Prince Cadan Martell -- a position which is like to ensure him a good match, as well as a path to becoming a great courtier.

CG'ed, Restricted courtiers (1 year of MU* experience required, as well as reading the first four ASOIAF books)

Princess Ariana Nymeros Martell - Youngest child and only daughter of the late Princess Coryanne, the Princess Ariana is the most precious jewel in Dorne. A hostage after King Daeron's Conquest, upon her return, Ariana had blossomed into a maid most fair, and the heir to Wyl and Lord of Kingsgrave vied for her hand. After the Rebellion of Yronwood, she was betrothed to the heir to Yronwood in a match of reconciliation, and she is destined to be the consort of her brother's most powerful vassal house.

Farien Yronwood - Former squire to Prince Marence Martell himself, the heir to Yronwood -- the most powerful vassal house of Dorne -- has made a most lucrative match in the Princess Ariana. Will his Martell match be a true union of reconciliation, or will his mother have taught him to favour Yronwood over Sunspear?

Valeria Blackmont - A former hostage at the Red Keep, she wed Ser Kay Yronwood to save herself from a forced marriage on the orders of King Daeron. Valeria is very rare in being a woman with proper combat skills, knowing how to fire an arrow and swing a sword. See Rayne Blackmont/Arnos Sunderland with any questions.

Joleta Gargalen - Joleta is an extremely interesting character. An heiress in her own right, she was hostage at the Red Keep, where she was forcibly married to Ser Ethos Mertyns, who was named Lord of Salt Shore. But after King Daeron was slain and King Baelor made peace, she had her marriage annulled, and the child she was carrying thus became a bastard upon birth -- Devin Sand -- though she wished to have him made her heir. Yet, she now has a trueborn child from her second marriage to Daven Wyl -- a daughter, Jocasta. As justiciar at Sunspear, Joleta offers the experience of not only playing an heiress with a complex history, but a woman with a proper court position.

Galwell Dalt - The Lord Bailiff of Sunspear, he has a very important role under the Lord Treasurer in overseeing Sunspear's taxes. Though he is a younger son of Ser Dinias Dalt, and his children shall not rule Lemonwood -- they shall rule Hellholt, due to his lucrative marriage to the Uller heiress, Lady Liane.

Jarvis Sand, "the Bastard of the Red Dunes" - Elder brother of the trueborn Lord of the Red Dunes, Jarvis Sand is a very skilled tourney knight. He has quite a few interesting connections -- his half-sister Cassella, once a mistress to Prince Aegon Targaryen, and his wife Eloise, sister of the Keeper of the Sandship, Laurent, and daughter of the infamous Mylene Gargalen. Message Sebaston Vaith/Rylla Tyrell with any questions.

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