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Recruiting: My Lords! (Restricted)

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Is being an heir not enough for you? Do you want to be a head of your house? Well, then play a lord! However, it should be noted that all lords in play are Restricted -- this means that you need to have a year or more of MU* experience, as well as having read the first three "A Song of Ice and Fire" Books. It should be expected that you propose plots, and set examples for new players -- which is to be expected as all lords are essentially leaders and thus need to be quite experienced players. If you feel these requirements too demanding but want to be involved in a house and be a ruler, it's best to look at heirs -- but lords of everywhere but the great houses are available to prospective players with MU* and book knowledge.

CG'ed Lords

Bolen Rosby, Lord of Rosby - A hard and ambitious lord, with a modest castle in proximity to King's Landing, Lord Bolen has a clear reason to make his name known at court once more. Being the head of House Rosby would bring a particularly interesting dynamic to the game, as the house is still somewhat in disgrace after Bolen's brother Quenton was found to be the infamous "Ripper" who committed a string of murders against nobles in King's Landing, and his lord father Whalon soon died of grief because of this revelation. One could easily play as a lord wishing to gain his reputation again.

Kaeron Bar Emmon, Lord of Sharp Point - Known as a splendid captain at sea, Kaeron is the latest of a recent line of reputable Bar Emmon lords. Fond of singing and dancing and other activities from the east, a lord of the Narrow Sea would bring an interesting dynamic to Baelor's court.

Allos Swann, Lord of Stonehelm - Allos Swann is the most powerful and influential bannerman of the Baratheons of Storm's End -- which he is tied to through his marriage to Lady Kelyce Baratheon, as well as his daughter Alys' union to her cousin Arion Baratheon, heir to Storm's End. Known as a sharp man and renowned for his business acumen, the lord served as King's Counter for some years before resigning after his daughter's wedding. Though ambitions are never truly quelled for lords such as he...

Jarmon Buckwell, Lord of the Antlers - A young lord who inherited at the age of only thirteen, the Lord of the Antlers made his name known during the Conquest of Dorne, and has proven himself to be a loyal vassal to King Baelor. He has made a rather lucrative match to the third daughter of Lord Kermit Tully: Lady Jannia. Additionally, his uncle Beron is currently serving on the Small Council as Master of Coin, which makes for a rather young lord with connections to the Great Houses, the Council, as well as potentially contributing to a greater Crownlands presence.

Robett Meadows, Lord of the Grassy Vale - A lord who has seen sorrow. All of Robett's sons died before his ascension as Lord of Grassy Vale, and he oversees quite a complex inheritance situation, as his father prohibited him from naming his eldest daughter Gelenna as heir, after the disgrace of her husband Edwyd Bulwer. As his final son, Obyn, was killed by Reynes at a tourney at Highgarden, Castamere and Grassy Vale currently have a feud. Robett would be particularly interesting in his inheritance, and his feud. See Elyse Caswell or Rymella Meadows with any questions.

Un-CG'ed Lords

Arson Rogers, "the Bastard," Lord of Amberly - Though now legitimised, Lord Rogers began his life as Arson Storm, and was wed to a scion of House Musgood and had children by her, until King Aegon III passed a decree of legitimisation. In spite of whispers about his birth (men still call him "the Bastard") he is known to be a splendid tourney knight and a commander of great skill, being a grade or "tier" higher than most characters in-game. Play Arson if you want to play a lord with an interesting history and powerful skills.

Guy Cordwayner, Lord of Hammerhal - After his elder brother Damer, still a young man, died in Dorne, the even younger Guy ascended as Lord of Hammerhal. Knighted by King Daeron I Targaryen himself in a tourney at 159, he is notable for his youth and eligibility. See Gwyn Banefort (his brother's widow, currently in play, which might make for an interesting dynamic), with any questions.

Ellenei Goodbrook, Lady of Goodbrook - An aging lady, whose sister Morya "the Fair Maid of Goodbrook," was a famous courtier in a reign of Viserys I. Yet, in spite of her sister's death in fire at the hands of Tinessa Vance during the Dance of the Dragons, she is a famous friend to the woman, now wife of Kermit Tully -- what role has the envy of that sister played in her life? Does it fuel her political ambitions -- she has been quite ambitious herself in getting her famous son Kendros to squire to Lord Kermit, due to her friendship with Tinessa. All this would make her an interesting character at court, particularly as a ruling lady.

Sebara Selmy, Lady of Harvest Hall - The young wife of Ser Faron Tarly found herself as Lady of Harvest Hall after the untimely death of her brother in the Dance of the Dragons, and her nephew's death from illness. A lady with an amount of power that is unusual in Westeros, she has seen her house do well, wedding off her daughters to the brothers of the lords Baratheon and Blackwood, her eldest son giving her grandchildren, and her other sons serving the king in the City Watch and the Citadel. Sebara, like Ellenei, would be particularly interesting in her role as a ruling woman.

Tytos Sarsfield, Lord of Sarsfield - Ascended as Lord Sarsfield after his father was killed by the Knight of the Twilight in Dorne, the young lord of eight-and-twenty has connections to Raventree Hall by his Blackwood mother, Casterly Rock by his mother's mother, and now King's Landing through his wife to Sylvina Serry, niece of the Master of Laws, all which make for a young aspiring courtier.

Edger Footly, Lord of Tumbleton - The young (and unmarried!) Lord Footly ascended, like so many young lords, after the death of his father in Dorne. Every lord needs his lady, and perhaps that is the reason Edger would come to King's Landing (even if there are many maids in the Vault, betrothal contracts can be hammered out!)

Jaymond Grafton, Lord of Gulltown - Lord of the Vale's only city, Gulltown, as well as the fourth-largest city in Westeros, Jaymond Grafton is no doubt rather wealthy -- perhaps also through the dowry of his Arryn wife, Yorena, one of the most influential ladies in the royal court.

Borian Manderly, Lord of White Harbor - The Manderlys are a very interesting house, being Faith of the Seven worshippers in the North, as well as controlling the North's only city. Will Borian try to regain the lost southron connections of old, or even aid King Baelor in spreading the Faith northward?

Andrik "Trueborn" Blacktyde, Lord of Blacktyde - Though one would rather be called "trueborn" than "falseborn," Lord Andrik's name is quite a crude one -- it refers to the dubious paternity of his own sister Esgred, after his mother Gudrun bore a daughter ten moons after her husband's death, and then went on to marry the master-at-arms. With the Greyjoys being involved in greenlands politics, establishing an embassy in King's Landing, shall the young ironlord join his liege lords and cousins in the royal city?

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