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Recruiting: Lia Reyne

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Lia Reyne is the future Lady of Castamere, and the eldest daughter of the Lord and Lady of Oldtown -- though until their wedding, she was illegitimate and known as Lia Flowers. Now, she has become a trueborn lady of two of the finest, richest, and most prestigious houses in Westeros -- Hightower and Reyne. And she has also had two fine children: a daughter, Eleyna, and a son, Berthram. 

Her husband has been present in King's Landing for quite a few years as an officer of the Sea Watch, and Lia has no doubt been a prominent mistress of the Reyne manse in the city. Now that her daughter is reaching the age where betrothals may be considered, she will naturally have a hand in that, and may advise her husband about suitable matches. 
Lia also has quite a few PC relations -- her husband Ser Victor, her sister Melarra Connington, her nephew Malwyn Hightower, her husband's cousin, Ser Wyllis Reyne, and her future good-sister, Rylla Tyrell. As the wedding of her brother is imminent, roleplay is guaranteed in the upcoming weeks!

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