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Recruiting: Philena Ryger

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Lady Ryger is the wife of the master of laws, and therefore has been present in King's Landing for many years. She has given her husband seven children (though six survived the cradle), and has some notewothy connections as she has seen her eldest son married to a Tully daughter, and her daughters married to the late heir to the Crossing and Lord Bracken. She also is a cousin of Lord Loreon Lannister through her late mother of Casterly Rock, Allise. Additionally, her niece's step-daughter, Lena Mallister, is currently in her care -- and is a PC. 
Philena has the opportunity to be a rather noteworthy figure at court through her husband. Does her husband's role on the small council leave her to manage much of the Ryger household in the city? Just how much does she influence her husband and his office? 
However, she has also seen a scandal in her household in recent years: her half-sister and lady-in-waiting, Farena, fell great with child out of wedlock, and was exiled from court in disgrace. Her husband's reputation did slightly suffer from allowing his goodsister to be despoiled in his care -- and of course, there hangs the question as to whether Philena herself shares the same weakness of character. 
In being an older lady who is very well-established at court, a concept such as Philena is rare among the playerbase, and would be very interesting to see in play.

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