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Recruiting: Annys Inchfield

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Annys Flowers was one of the two bastard children born to Lord Jonel Costayne after the death of his lady wife. Claimed as his own and raised at the Three Towers, she was able to secure a match to Ser Ganwell Inchfield, a trueborn knight of a house that is lesser than House Costayne -- but a match to a legitimate man is a dream for any bastard girl. Yet her husband died in the Conquest of Dorne, at only five-and-twenty, his bastard wife only being seventeen at the time.

Now eleven years a widow, does Annys seek to re-marry? She does have some quite good connections, as her half-sister Annet is the widow of the late Lord Lyonel Tyrell, and mother of his successor, the child Lord Leo. Has she spent any time at Highgarden meeting suitors if she does intend to re-marry?

As her Tyrell half-niece, Rylla Tyrell, is to be wedded, there is a reason for her presence in King's Landing. See Rylla Tyrell with any questions!

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