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Suzanna Stormborn

[Book Spoilers] R+L=J, A+J=T and other theories on HBO V.4

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7 hours ago, T and A said:

Whenever you read on the internet "worst...ever", stop reading further. It is just a brainfart, with no meaning or thoughts behind, whatsoever. The ending was bad, no doubt about it. But to state that it was the WORST EVER, just states the very limited mind of someone, or, it states that that person simply has never seen anything else before, and it is his first show to actually watch.

Got it, I have a ‘very limited mind’


’I’ve never seen anything else before’

it’s definitely

’the first show Ive ever watched’

after being a human on Earth for 3+ decades

makes perfect sense!

 so glad you wandered onto my thread to make personal attacks but speak nothing at all about the theories or thread topic, noobie.


since you obviously know absolutely everything in this Universe........ I would love to hear what show cost as much as GOT but had just as terrible of a final season? Which is what I said.

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