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Update: Upgrade Completed


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The latest patch has been applied to the forum software.


We discovered in the process that the previous upgrade was only partially complete because a number of files did not correctly copy over, which we believe explains some of the recent issues some users have reported with using Chrome to write posts and with being unable to write posts in which a spoiler tag is quoted. We've now corrected that issue and believe that those issues should no longer be happening.


We were in the process of updating with a security patch and fixing a couple of issues that have been recently reported, when we discovered that there's a permission issue that means certain files that need updating before we can upgrade cannot be updated. We have reopened the forum because we _think_ this won't cause any undo problems, but be aware that we could be wrong and may need to roll back to the last backup (which is from 1 hour ago).

Out of an abundance of caution, if you post anything really lengthy that you would hate to lose, we recommend you save it in a document or text file separately.

Once the issues are sorted out later today, we'll complete the upgrade and we'll update this post with the all-clear.

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