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Casting for the Blackfyre Rebellions

Lord Wraith

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So I honestly believe that the Blackfyre Rebellions will be a great period. Enough information to allow book readers to enjoy, enough beautiful people: fighting, fucking, and scheming for the masses.

My ideal show would start during the reign of Dareon I and the Dornish Wars.

I don't have time tonight on who I would pick for the numerous roles but I am curious on who the forum thinks could play these characters.

Character list:

Daeron I
Baelor the Blessed
Viserys I
Aegon the Unworthy
Daeron the Good
Alyn Oakenfist Velaryon
Daena, Eleana, Rhaena
Queen Naerys and Aemon the Dragonknight
Falena Stokeworth/ Merry Meg/ Casella Vaith/ Bellegere Otherys/ Barbara Bracken/ Missy Blackwood/ Bethany Bracken, Jeyne Lothson, Sernei of Lys
Daemon Blackfyre, Aegor Rivers, Brynden Rivers, Sheira Seastar

That's a good start on major characters.

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