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Recruiting: Mesella Costayne

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A young lady from House Costayne -- a banner house of the Hightowers of Oldtown, Mesella has been groomed for court. As a young child, she was betrothed to Ormory Rosby, and as a future Crownlands lady, her mother saw it fit to bring her to court. Over the years, Mesella has made advantage of her Mooton relations at Maidenpool, and she even travelled to Riverrun some years ago for the Tully wedding. Though even a lady as herself cannot avoid scandal, or rather, the scandal of her betrothed's house: a string of murders some years past were revealed to have been committed by Ormory's uncle Quenton.

However, make no mistake: Mesella is still a very good choice for a player who wants a character who has been long-established at court, and has a suitable betrothal. Additionally, she now has a proper court position, as lady-in-waiting to Rylla Hightower -- her Tyrell-born cousin, as arranged by her aunt Annet, the mother of the young Lord Tyrell, and thus an immediate connection to other PCs is guaranteed! Also, her betrothed Ormory is currently in play, though it should be noted that he remains in Dorne as a squire to Lord Connington, a member of the Iron Throne's embassy to Sunspear.

Mesella is Open, meaning a player needs to either have MU* experience or have read at least one book in the "A Song of Ice and Fire" series. She is also un-CG'ed, meaning that a player will have to commit to the CG process that will decide her stats, skills, history, and persona.

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