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Aerion Jhae

Night's King's Soliloquy - Ice-Shattering Song

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Hey y'all, this is my first post on the forum, so I wanted to share a song I wrote when I started taking my first steps past just reading the novels and diving into the abyss of theories, history, lore and in-depth analysis of this breathtaking world.

The song's about the Night's King from the novels, with a few hopes/theories I had at the time. I'm erring on the side of caution, so, I'll hide the theories and the song in Spoiler code, but anyone who has read the novels should be good!


I was going for a slow, creepy, high pitched melody. Think the beginning of Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End, where the child starts singing "Hoist the Colours." When I get a bit more comfortable using the forum I'll add a link to the recording I made a few years back. I'm no Rhaegar, but I'd like to believe I could match Tom of Sevenstreams in a battle of the bards!

Well once there lived a Lord who said
I think I'd rather end up dead.
When Winter comes, I'll bow my head
To you, sweet love, goodnight, goodnight.

My watch has ended, now I'm yours,
You icy Queen of Others.
You took my life, you stole my soul,
Make love to me, goodnight sweet night.

My icy Queen, my cold blue rose,
I'll dream of you as Winter goes.
The Others take you, bring you home.
I'll wait for you all night, short night.

Worthless life and worthless sun,
You take my love, my frozen one.
And so I'll vow to break this chain!
Two winters come before next spring.

But living men with hearts and blood,
They fought the cold they fought my love!
The fire that burned against the cold,
They burned my Queen, goodnight, bright night.

Now living men all live in fear
Of death and dark. With frozen tears,
They run from me, the bane of light.
No fire. Pure ice. Goodnight, Long Night.

The first theory is that the woman described as an Other in the story of the Night's King was more than just a White Walker. I believe she is the embodiment of Winter herself, whether she is a goddess or the most powerful Other. This is the only suggestion of a female White Walker in the whole series so far, and I believe that is significant. It makes a great parallel to the male God of Light if the "Great Other" was female. I think this would add a lot of depth to the Stark words as well. When the old Kings of the North spoke their words, "Winter is Coming," they were warning of not just the cold, not just the Others, but the goddess herself, named Winter. I also want to believe the place she was defeated was where the Starks build their ancestral home of Winterfell. The Starks might hold the secret to defeating Winter again, giving true meaning to the other foreboding saying that "There must always be a Stark at Winterfell." It would be really cool if that secret was hidden in the crypts!

The more far-fetched theory in the song suggests that the Night's King somehow found a way to alter the seasons on Planetos as a way to bring his love back to him. Pure speculation, but I believe this Night's King story has been warped over the centuries into a separate incident, when in reality the Battle for the Dawn, the Pact, Bran the Builder raising the Wall, the Last Hero, Azor Ahai, this story and the reason for the seasons all happened concurrently. I believe these stories were twisted, lost and shattered long before the first histories were ever written. Let me know what you think, though, about the song and the theories!


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