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It's Brienne...

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1 hour ago, Rufus Snow said:

Some good delving in this thread - I'd never considered Brienne in this light before, but it does make sense.

Especially taking the 'Evenstar' connection to Venus and all the associated imagery. Venus is also the Morning Star, its orbit means it can only be seen when the sun is below the horizon - sometimes before dawn and sometimes after sunset. One extra element to pitch into the mix, especially in light (sorry, bad pun) of Cersei being cast as the sun: the seat of House Tarth is Evenfall - another way to say 'sunset'.


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Posted (edited)

 Moo.  It's time for Maggie Jr.'s Amatuer Prophecy Time!  - - -(sponsored by Sansa For "It")

Back to Sansa.   That's who gets credit for killing king Jeff.  And myrcella?   Tyrion sent her away to her doom, Tyrion the hubby of the more-beautiful-than-Tyrion Sansa.   And when Tommen's puss eventually runs off into the gutters, possessed by Arya's pet warging prowess, and Tommen chases it into personal danger, who will be coming up from the secret entryway into KL to intercept king and puss?   Valonqar Tyrion with his horse-butt stinky friends of Danny.  And who'll be waiting outside the gates to be let in?  Aegon and his plus one, Sansa.   See how this Tyrion Sansa hookup is still very helpful and its stock rises as Tyrion reclaims the Rock and stuff?  People write those nuptials off like it's not a thing, but Tyrion is a very giving partner, still valuable going forward, as dragon- having midgets are the best way to overcome height- based prejudices. 

 So if you want suspects with a more direct "Hand" in all of Cercei's losses, there you go.  In fact, who drove the wedge between Jaime and Cercei, really?   (The thing Jaime hears in his head over and over about probably fucking moonboy).  That was Tyrion, and that inner mantra gave Jaime the chance to really get out from under cercei's........."thumb."   The Brienne fling thing has been an extension of Jaime wanting to be better, honorable, not wallowing in moral ick.  But what set him on that honor path, so he'd see Brienne as such an acceptable partner?    Catelyn's trust.   Her command to Find My Daughters.  Sansa crops up again here, and this Catelyn quest binds brienne & jaime as a couple. 

So when they run into Stoneheart who will likely want to end that quest by offing them, they'll team up on Catelyn's rotting self in favor of the more living memory of Catelyn they hold in their hearts.  And in the end Cat may see the truth of their convictions, that they haven't given up on the living but she has....which will convince Stoneheart it's time to give up the ghost, or at least pass on the torch of leadership to someone with better ideas, or.... Jaime and Brienne agree to share Stoneheart's ideas about the Freys all dying, and help her see it done, and in return she passes away and Jaime gets her flame as part of the Twins burning down.   After they've all renewed their vow to find and defend the living daughter of Catelyn? 

Also, Everyone thinks Pete is just gonna die without getting it done.  And everyone is wrong.  And Sansa is on team Pete.   So there.

Oh my, that prophetic session was so much more gaseous than is socially acceptable among your classier psychics.

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