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[Spoilers] Rant and Rave without Repercussion


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27 minutes ago, Ninerings said:

Thanks man. I am so not a computer guy! Basically it is a coin flip later.


Not to be crass, but think of it like the fertilization of an egg rather than a coinflip. There's a whole lot of people trying to get in, but only so many can be successful in any given amount of time.

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Just now, JonSnow4President said:

Not to be crass, but think of it like the fertilization of an egg. There's a whole lot of people trying to get in, but only so many can be successful in any given amount of time.

Har! makes total sense.


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On 17/07/2017 at 4:11 AM, Nami said:

oh, why everyone in the north chose Ned Stark's bastard as King in the North and not his legitimate daughter? this is from last season but I'm still annoyed that they are listening to him. to them, he's a bastard and the rules of the universe created by GRRM makes me obviously think they wouldn't choose a bastard to rule them.

Don't worry about that... Irony...

Simple as that... Throughout the show, Jon wasn't considered as a Stark and no one could ever think that he might become "Lord" of winterfell or "King" in the North. But, somehow, when we (people watching the show and Bran) get to know the truth about Jon's Lineage, the Northerners decide to consider him more as a Stark. When we finally know that he is not Ned's son, they consider him as Ned's son... 

One more thing. So Notherners are going to follow Sansa as Queen in the North? Really? That's really what you wanted? Cersei is already queen in the south. No need to have another Cersei in the North. Northerners can accept a Lady. But I don't think they will accept a Queen. She is only Lady of Winterfell. And Jon is King in the North. While Ned and Bolton were Lords of Winterfell and WARDENS of the North. Sansa is just the lady of Winterfell (she is not the warden). As Lyanna Mormont is Lady of Bear Island. Northerners were OK with a man as a ruler or warden of the North. I might be mistaken but That's the reason why Jon is there. To serve as ruler of the "wannabe free folk" alias "Northerners. It means, Rather have a bastard than woman ruling the North. I don't know. 

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On 7/18/2017 at 5:36 PM, SerMixalot said:

After the dust of season 6 has settled and as we start a new season let's check up on the status of the great houses

Starting from the South

1. Dorne-Eliminated to the last drop, except for some bastard daughters

2. Baratheon-Eliminated to the last drop, except for maybe a bastard son

3. Tyrell-Eliminated to the last drop, except for an old lady who is highly incapable of producing heirs

4. Lannisters-Current generation-Dead, Cersei possibly still capable of breeding, Jaime possibly in the Kingsguard, possibly not, honestly can't remember, as if it is important. Stated last night that dynasty ends with Cersei and Jaime.  Tyrion, being who he is will probably end up on Iron Throne and will have a perfect child sit at School House Rock

5. Tully-Edmure is missing in action, I THINK he has a child, but who knows at this point

6. Arryn-Brave Ser Robyn alive and kicking, presumably

7. Greyjoy-Kin and Kingslayer Euron rules but at odds with niece and nephew

8. Stark-Gets weird here.  Jon, a bastard, nights watch desert, is King of the North? Or just Lord of Winterfell?  If KotN is Sansa Lady of Winterfell?  Both claims should be bypassed by Bran





Demolished Houses with the Reigns of Castamere playing

1) House Martel gone thanks to the Sand Snakes, Sand Snakes are now just dust

2) Baratheon, as you said, gone save for a lonely bastard

3) Tyrell - all gone

4) Bolton - good riddance

Some of these houses might have the distant cousins still around to step forward and claim the seat but some do not, such as Bolton.

Endangered houses list

1) Lannisters - the ones that count are getting low and running out of breeding power

2) Targaryan

3) Mormont

4) Karstark

5) Stark - not totally endangered but getting close and badly in need of some heirs.

6) Aryn - little Robin likely won't live to carry on the line and the books mentioned the Aryn line had been thinning down for generations.

No doubt I have missed some but this is just interesting observation.

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