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[SPOILERS] What did you love about this episode?

Wolves Die Young

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Dragonstone, Sandor, Arya killing the Freys, Euron's "I have 2 good hands" dickery, and Jon and Sansa.  I don't necessarily like that they are creating this conflict between Jon and Sansa, but I enjoyed an argument that made sense on both sides of it and you could see where both of them were coming from.

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On 7/16/2017 at 11:29 PM, Wolves Die Young said:

As usual, this thread is for the positive moments - things we loved and appreciated about the episode, big or small!


For me The Hound stole the day!

I loved all of the Dragonstone scenes.  What a beautiful island.  The dragons made the castle look small though. 

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5 hours ago, Moiraine Sedai said:

Dragonstone.  The island was beautiful.  The winding path to the castle was breathtaking.

Oh yeah that stone bridge.  Imagine trying to attack the castle by crossing that long bridge. 

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1. The Opening Scene

The WW Giants broke my heart.

2. Jon's Mercy

Those children were so young. I like that he's focused on the greater threat, not what someone's brother or father did.

3. Tormund's Bedroom Eyes

I hope Brienne opens up to him. He's not mocking her or anything, just genuinely smitten.

4. I liked the Ed Sheeren scene, not because of Ed, but because of how humane and young the soldiers were. I think the whole point of that scene was to pass some of that humanity onto Ayra. She seemed genuinely perplexed by how nice they were to her.

5. Dragonstone

I liked how Dany just whizzed on by the high seat in Dragonstone. She's got shit to do.

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1. The Hound, Beric, and Thoros at the farm. 

A great scene with discussion of cruelties of the world, purposes, and The Hound facing the result of his cruel act. The Gravedigger end was a great capper.

2. Winter came for House Frey

David Bradley gave an outstanding final performance for the show. He made Walter such an enjoyable miserable and vile creature. A mass die off Frey is just a simple joy.

3.  Dany arrives home:

The Dragons are massive. Dragonstone itself was given a Granduer that was definitely missing before. It was great letting the images and music convey the emotion of Dany coming home.

3. Giant Wights

Just terrifying 

4. Jaime/Cersei at the Map Floor

A start of what will be the final deterioration of their relationship with a hint of how it will finally done.

5. Hands of Gold/ Friendly Lannister soldiers

I smile when I heard the first couple lines. A real nice rendition of the song.

It was nice to see Arya interacting with regular people. It is hopeful that it will reset some of her perspective and not be full seeker of vengeance. 


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- The Frey slaughter

- Arya's speech.... "If people ask you what happened here, tell them The North Remembers. Tell them Winter came for Walder Frey " (Maybe someone will tell this line to Jon. Maybe he might question himself. Who's that northerner who avenged the red wedding? ok. I will stop there... Too beautiful for GoT)

- The hound and his ghosts

- Jon and Sansa small argument... They were both right on their ways. But, as winter is here, Jon is right.

- No Daenerys long speech and No Tyrion's jokes...

- We finally can see Dragonstone

- ...

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