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The desolation of Dragonstone (Spoilers!)

Ser Snowflake

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Well, in case there actually was a remaining force in Dragonstone, that was quickly driven out by some expeditionary force sent in advance, all that's left for me is to thank the show for leaving that to my imagination, and instead showing me 3 or 4 minutes of Dany walking up some stairs.

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On 7/18/2017 at 1:25 PM, Ser Snowflake said:

It irked me to no ends that Dragonstone was taken by Dany in a bloodless coup. Dragonstone should have either been manned by a skeletal, residual force loyal to Stannis, soldiers loyal to the Iron Throne, or some random squatters. When Stannis deserted his stronghold to sail to the wall, any random lord of the Narrow Sea should have grabbed up the prime real estate.

 Many a Targayen heir or heiress made the island fortress his or her seat, and Stannis the Mannis held the island fortress for over 15 years before he went off to play the Game of Thrones. It is not plausible that a castle of such significance be completely empty.

The only explanation that I can think of is the tragedy that played out last season regarding Cersei, the High Sparrow, and the Tyrells. 

King Tommen was an inexperienced child, Tywin dead, and Queen Margarey and the the Queen Mother were detained and awaiting trial. I'm not even sure if there was a HOTK during that whole period, so apparently not much got accomplished regarding the rest of the realm. There is no way that Tyrion, Tywin, Jon Arryn, or even Ned would have let Dragonstone remain unmanned.....especially after hearing rumors about the last Targaryen making her way back to Westeros. Where else would she go besides Dragonstone?

Does anyone else have any ideas that could better explain why DS was empty when Stormborn finally returned to the 7K?


The first thing that comes to mind about why it was empty is that Dragonstone has very little self supporting means, little or no crops, livestock, only fish. Probably very little fresh water. Constant storms, dangerous place for supply ships to get in and out of. Not ideal for a long siege which was mentioned in both t.v. series and books. The whole rise of the Onion Knight was possible b/c with Stormsend under siege, bare minimal food sources, they were starving.

No guards b/c Stannis took them with him. With Stanis's house gone, most of the servants that maintained it may have abandoned it. They lacked the means to stay alive and much of the self sustenance that had existed may have depended on resources that went away with Stannis.

The Baratheon Banner that Dany tore down suggests someone was still there, but likely only the most basic skeletal household servants who may have had a small larder for food to keep them going. Some of the servants of the house may remain with the house regardless of who is lord. Some are loyal to the lord, but when the lord is dead with no issue, what choice do they have? Some may have been the servants of her parents who remained wit the house.

Another thought, in the books slavers were up at Hard Home collecting whatever freefolk they could "rescue". Maybe the island was visited by slavers looking for easy pickings after word of the Baratheon house demise.

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