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Resource for Distances in Westeros

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Does anyone have a resource for determining distances between major landmarks in Westeros?  I'm doing some research for a new project and can only find distances between the major castles.  In particular, the distance from the Inn at the Crossroads to King's Landing.  I couldn't find anything definitive on the wiki.  Thanks!

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When I need distances I eyeball the maps:




As mentioned by USD, the Wall is 300 miles long so that is the yardstick for the eyeballing.

Mind you, the two maps differ a bit, e.g. Ravenhall moves some 120 miles between the two.

The first map - although fanmade - seems to follow the maps on the AWOIAF wiki.

Take your pick :D

From the Inn at the Crossroads to KL - 450 miles, according to Eyeball Mk I :)

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