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How would you rate episode 702?


How would you rate episode 702?  

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  • Misendai-Gray Worm scene is out of context and just filler
  • Hotpie, Nymeria and the pack of wolves : this is what Arya's fans wanted for long time, Arya's story lost it meaning and became a fan service
  • Theon becoming Reek again is repetitive
  • the battle was very good
  • Sansa is wardeness of the north, not too late to correct the plot hole of last season

Very mediocre dialogues, not a surprise from Brian Cogman

gave 7 out of 10

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For me, the episode was a highlight in all 7 seasons...

Lord Friendzone goodbye letter !
Hero Sam !
Hot Pie !
Outspoken Varys !
Lady Olenna !
Nymeria !
Suffocating LF !!
Eddard Stark tomb !
Jack Sparrow !

So much goodies, very welcome after the lukewarm episode 1.

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Good episode overall: 8.5/10 I decided to do a breakdown of the points:

King’s Landing scenes

  • Cersei gathers nobles from the Reach, including Randyll Tarly, and gives a decent propaganda speech; Jaime makes the case with Randyll; Randyll’s character remains consistent – duty, honor, but a dislike for “savages”: +0.5 pt
  • Qyburn shows Cersei a method of killing dragons: +0.5 pt for showing a better dungeon for the dragon skulls than back in season 1; +0.5 pt for Qyburn’s scorpion (consistent with book material)

Dragonstone scenes

  • Dany’s council – sound strategy of using Westerosi troops to besiege KL: +1 pt; ok strategy to use the Unsullied to attack CR, but have them sail around Westeros? 0pt; Ellaria’s presence and some of the dialogue was weak: -0.5 pt And what will the Dothraki do? Just languish on the tiny island of Dragonstone?
  • The dialogue between Dany and Varys – I liked that Dany questioned his trustworthiness, it shows that she isn’t simply willing to embrace someone just because they bring goodies to her (also better performance for Emilia in this scene); but I also liked Varys’s answer to her; he rose above his usual veiled talk: +1pt
  • Dialogue between Dany and Olenna: 0pt; it was decent, but nothing special
  • Grey Worm and Missandei: +0.5pt for Missandei’s body; +0.5pt for keeping consistency with this relationship; -1pt for this being a drawn-out filler scene
  • Melisandre coming to Dragonstone in the middle of a storm: -0.5pt; dialogue with Dany and Tyrion: +0.5pt

Winterfell scenes

  • Jon receives a summons to go to Dragonstone from Tyrion; clever Tyrion makes sure the message is legit; Sansa agrees that Tyrion is a better Lannister than the rest, but has misgivings; Jon is a bit too trusting, and he only really saw one side of Tyrion; Davos said something, I think; 0pt
  • Sam’s message arrives with the news about dragonglass – side note: I assumed the news that Jon was king had reached the Citadel, seeing how maesters tend to communicate with each other, so I was ok with the message arriving at Winterfell; less ok with never showing us Sam’s reaction to this kind of news (this would have been a good scene in ep. 1 so no rating for ep.2 on this) – resume analysis: Jon now has fodder for his argument to go to Dragonstone, and brings it to council; debate ensues; Jon goes against the tide, but appoints Sansa to rule in his stead, making Littlefinger barely contain his laughter: -1pt another ridiculous debate, but this time I thought Jon’s argument was much thinner than in ep. 1; there was some ok dialogue, and the apparent reconciliation between Jon and Sansa is welcomed.
  • Jon and Littlefinger in the crypts: -1pt Littlefinger remains a creep, and Jon acted stupidly; this scene should have had more worthwhile dialogue, and a better time for it in the grand scheme of things; perhaps ep. 1; I suppose +0.5pt for character consistency

Citadel scenes

  • Greyscale is a contagious disease, but while touching seems to be the main method of contamination, I should think extra precautions would have to be taken, like covering mouth and nose; this is especially true in the second scene between Sam and Jorah, where he proceeds on cutting out bits of contaminated flesh: -0.5pt
  • Jim Broadbent continues to be awesome as Archmaester whatever: +1pt
  • Sam feels honor bound to help the Old Bear’s only son: +0.5pt; Sam turns into a Bolton to do it, and the Citadel’s House of Disgust show continues: 0pt

Arya scenes

  • Re-uniting with Hot Pie; +1pt; also refreshing for someone to get news about the world at a well-traveled inn, in a normal manner: so bonus +0.5pt for that
  • Re-uniting with Nymeria; +1pt – the show never showcased the warg abilities of the other Starks, just Bran; so Nymeria not harming Arya because she remembers her is fine; Nymeria not joining Arya is also good; there is no longer a bond between them, while in the books the warg bond has been maintained despite the distance; still I expect Nymeria to join Arya at a later stage, I just hope it won’t be an eye rolling moment. Also, winter is here, and Nymeria has a pack to help feed.

Greyjoy encounter

  • Stupid dialogue between the Sand Snakes, as well as Ellaria and Yara: -1pt
  • Euron was awesome for the first time in this show: +1pt; loved his axe, and his fighting ability
  • Euron kills Obara and Nymeria with their own weapons: +1pt (for each kill:P); the show just got a little better after this
  • Ellaria, Tyene, and Yara are captured, and hopefully soon the character count will drop: +1pt (some of this point goes to the consistency of Tyene’s character; first time something positive for the SS; however, she not getting killed probably has to do with boobs – writers are less willing to kill someone with such great boobs, but I predict Euron will keep her to do with her as he pleases, while handing over Ellaria and Yara; negative points to follow on this account:devil:)
  • Theon turns into a little bitch again; granted he seemed to have assessed the situation, but it was still disappointing to not try something; Reek may be back: -0.5pt
  • A bonus +1pt for the overall battle; well done on the fire effects
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47 minutes ago, goomba said:

Theon saw Yara's men getting tortured and got flashbacks of Ramsay, if it wasn't for that i'm sure Theon would have been more than happy to fight Euron!.

Yeah, it's just that I was surprised he did that. It didn't help that Euron laughed 

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13 minutes ago, Corvinus said:

Not sure about Arya’s line there: It’s not her? Who else could it be? -0.5pt for Arya being a bit stupid there.

They explained this in the Inside the Episode segment. It's a callback to season 1 when Ned tells Arya that she will marry a high lord and rule his castle, and she responds, "That's not me." So "That's not you" is referring to Arya's suggestion that Nymeria come home with her and become a domesticated pet. Nymeria rejected the offer and chose to be free, and Arya came to respect that decision. Personally, it makes me appreciate the scene even more.

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3 minutes ago, Dragon in the North said:

They explained this in the Inside the Episode segment. It's a callback to season 1 when Ned tells Arya that she will marry a high lord and rule his castle, and she responds, "That's not me." So "That's not you" is referring to Arya's suggestion that Nymeria come home with her and become a domesticated pet. Nymeria rejected the offer and chose to be free, and Arya came to respect that decision. Personally, it makes me appreciate the scene even more.

huh, that makes sense. I retract my negative point on that then. I had forgotten about that dialogue between Ned and Arya.

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Arya said it not you at the end because thats going back to what she told Ned in season one when he said she'd be a princess etc and she said no, thats not me. They're both independent. Nymeria was named after a fiercely independent warrior. She leads a huge wolf pack of her own now.


However, having said that, I do think we will see Nymeria again, and she will be there to help Arya in some manner. At least I hope we do.

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I thought ep01 was a 10/10 and this was a poor followup.  4/10 at best.  Too much time with Missandei-Greyworm.  Arya's reaction to seeing Hot Pie was like "meh" which surprised me.  Her referencing her frey pies and the whole interaction was odd.  Her scene with Nymeria was odd.  Ellaria/Yara/Theon was was awful.  Theon becoming Reek again is extremely old.  Dany is continuing to act like an overconfident self righteous bitch.  Littlefinger's talk with Jon was confusing and pointless... he just wanted to tell Jon he loved Sansa?  And Jon not telling Sansa he is putting her in charge is not believable.

The good is Qyburn's dragon harpoon, Varys' resilience in his discussion with Dany, all scenes in Oldtown, Hot Pie being there (even if Arya was weird), and Euron's surprise attack and battle.

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1/10 -- Greyscale + Missandrei pretty much killed it for me.  I'd like to see Jon make a smart choice -- he's already been killed once, and as his council pointed out, being stupid cost his brother his life also.  Or at least show him convincing the people he's arguing with some way other than just sounding like Cartman saying, "Respect my authority".  And can we please have the S01-04 Littlefinger back, the who stroked his....beard in private (or just with Varys in the room) instead of in open court.

In general, the dialog was below sub-par, and there was way to much exposition.  I actually liked the Theon/Yara/Ellaria scene, but the sand snake parts (and general lameness of the episode) really did leave me rooting for Euron.

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The cure for greyscale is just peeling off the skin and putting some random goo on it? What's to stop other infections if the patient has literally no outer layer of skin to protect him? Won't he just die of gangrene or something in the next week after this so-called cure? And if gloves make you safe from infection (Sam certainly doesn't seem to take any other precautions) why is it dangerous to attempt this treatment? How'd the guy that came up with it, a maester that almost certainly applied some sort of scientific method succeed once, then fail so abysmally that he died another time? 

I guess they decided to make Euron be "Victarion who is mad and evil and much less physically imposing". By the way, how exactly did he spot their ships in the dark, and sneak up on them, when they couldn't even spot him quickly enough to notice something before he rammed into them? I'm afraid this is the start of another "Shirtless Ramsey and his 20 good men" 

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+ Jorah/Sam/Archmaester scenes

+ R. Tarly

+ Tyrion's plan

+ Q-man's dragon-slaying tech

- Misandei/Grey Worm filler 

- Yara/Niobe filler 

- Reek's resurrection

- Dany (the arrogance of Xerxes coupled with the emotional range and personality of a goddam wet paper bag)

- Jon/LIttlefinger wtf moment

-/+ The battle. The ambush was a bit unrealistic, but they made up for it with the death of the two Sand Snakes. Tyene's pretty cute tho. 

Overall 6/10. Above average, episode 1 was better imo. 


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