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snow is the man

The real reason euron was able to sneak up on yara.

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9 hours ago, no_one_... said:

Why assume they didn't know and would oppose the Vale Army presence?  

Iirc, the Vale army was at Moat shortly after Sansa escaped and shortly before Roose was killed.  Roose and Baelish had a tentative alliance and the Vale Army at Moat would protect the North from the South.  The Lannister Army was just in Riverrun putting down the Blackfish with the Frey army. which isn't too far away all things considered.

While the Bolton's army recovers from fighting Stanis (or if they came up during that fight even better from the Bolton perspective) the Vale Army fortifies the Kingsroad at a strategic location.  The Vale could even tell the Bolton's they're coming to assist in the fights vs the Wildling Army and march to Winterfell w/support if needed.  Possibly the Vale army could get provisioned along the way if Baelish worked Ramsey well enough.

Tbh, it would have been better if they had shown this and have Baelish double cross Ramsey unexpectedly.


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