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Balerion vs Drogon

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58 minutes ago, Greywater-Watch said:

The size of the Dragons is one important question. There are others, though, the one or the other of which might have been worth bothering about in the show:

  • It is described in "The World of Ice & Fire" that the Targaeryens had sort of saddle construction to ride their Dragons properly and reduces the risk of falling down.
  • Who shall ride Viserion and Rhaegal? Any search for Dragonrider candidates on the way? Might be useful.
  • The control of the Dragons as an issue is solved like in the show (since end of Season 6): Daenerys rides Drogon, and Viserion and Rhaegal just follow on foot (sorry: wing) and do exactly as Drogon does or Daenerys wants.
  • Oh before I forget (and one of the possible motives to find another dragonrider): How about scouting on a Dragon? I already mentioned it in other threads, but cannot refrain myself from re-mentioning again. Riskless, absolutely impossible to be stopped by any enemy, gives great knowledge of the moving of any army or fleet in a vast area around.
  • How far can a Dragon fly without stopping? Is that flying range considerably influenced by the weight of the dragonrider and does it differ from Dragon to Dragon?
  • Flying speed: How long would it take to fly on Drogon e.g. from Dragonstone to Casterly Rock or Sunspear or the Wall? Would it be possible to fly there and return right after (e.g. after a discussion for 1 hour) or would the Dragon be too exhausted (see the point above)?

I dont personally think Daenerys is looking for fellow dragon riders for her two other dragons, but itll more be a by accident discovery that maybe one or two people take to the dragons and can ride them. 

As she has managed to ''tame'' Drogon, the other two smaller dragons just fall in tow. I think this may not have happened if she had decided to ride one of the other dragons. Drogon is definitely the 'alpha'

Your last two points are valid but something I dont think the show considers, there is too much unplausible time scales and events happened that didnt make sense. I dont think these will be taken into consideration. Also I dont think a 80kg person will have that much or any at all effect on the flying range of a dragon.

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